Phase 3: Must Eat Moar

I must be out of my mind.

I find myself thinking this as I choke down a 12 ounce steak tonight fresh off the grill. This is the chaser for a day full of food. I do the math at the end of the day… and I’m not yet at my calorie goals. Protein’s fine, but once again I’m coming up short on calories. How am I ever going to gain 10 pounds this way?

Now, I could easily gain 10 pounds eating whatever I wanted. Pizzas, multiple, followed by an order of fried chicken fingers and a bucket of ice cream, and cake. This, I can do. I’d chase it all down with a Diet Coke, too. I’d add 10 pounds in no time flat… and that’s not the only goal.

No, I’m looking to “eat clean” and gain 10 of the leanest pounds I possibly can. That means training hard, lifting heavy, pushing to failure, sleeping well, and above all not bombing my metabolism with undue carbs and sugars. These are hard things to do, but I’m working on finding ways to get there. For example, tonight I may curl up with a bad movie and a jar of almond butter before an early bedtime. That’s thrilling, I know; given that I’ve been traveling for the past month non-stop, it sounds pretty good to me. (Heck, I gave up my ticket to go frolic in the Vermont woods with a few hundred friends to stick around Boston this weekend.)

SRS BZNS BABY has a simple message.
“Eating big is serious business”, I thought… and then inspiration struck me. SRS BZNS. Most of you don’t remember Trainer Steve – he left back in January, moving out to the West Coast and on to other adventures after being my trainer for a year and guiding me into the world of CrossFit. Before he left, he and his wife had their first child: a very serious youth with a permanent scowl who made sure you knew that he was not amused by your antics. This was SRS BZNS BABY, and he became our mascot during the startup days.

Why stay here instead of going frolicking this weekend? First off, there’s lots to be done around the facility to keep making sure CrossFit Fenway is the best possible place for YOU, and you’ll see that we keep dressing the place up and staying ahead of the curve. Second, I’m dedicated to taking care of me – so that I can take better care of you – and sticking to my own training goals. That means getting good sleep and really dialing in this new diet plan, remembering to focus on SRS BZNS. Let’s take a look at how I’ve been doing the past few days, shall we?

Thursday, July 1

2 eggs (200/1/15/13)
2 scoops whey protein (180/4/0/40)
3 cups whole milk (450/36/24/24)
2 scoops whey protein (180/4/0/40)
3 cups whole milk (450/36/24/24)
12 oz Bison (360/0/5/74)
3 servings Almonds (510/6/45/18)
6oz Baked Salmon (310/0/14/42)
Mahi Mahi burger (120/0/5/18)
Salad (20/2/0/2)
2 glasses wine (250/0/0/0)
Totals: 3030 calories. 89g carbs, 132g fats, 295g protein
– Not enough calories, not enough protein. My targets are 100g more protein and 1070 more calories. Gotta eat bigger and start earlier. Maybe a ton more eggs in the morning would help me here.

Friday, July 2

2 eggs (200/1/15/13)
greek yogurt (140/9/0/23)
3 scoops whey protein (280/6/1/60)
ham steak (210/3/8/30)
2 cups whole milk (300/24/16/16)
2 scoops whey protein (180/4/0/40)
2 pounds cooked shrimp (770/0/0/119)
sauce (70/18/0/0)
kefir (110/9/3/11)
2 scoops whey protein (180/4/0/40)
12 oz steak (600/0/21/90)
2 servings Almonds (340/4/30/12)
ice cream (150/14/10/2)
2 servings almond butter (390/4/32/14)
Totals: 3720 calories. 120g carbs, 100g fats, 457g protein
– Still not enough cals, but closer. And I’m full beyond belief. Done for tonight, hope I can walk tomorrow! I’ll see you at the Invasion, bright and early!

3 thoughts on “Phase 3: Must Eat Moar”

  1. Brant Hubbard

    I am curious as to why you are eating so few carbs and trying for such extreme levels of protein? Typically is it about 1.3-1.7 g of protein per lb of lean body mass even in a bulking phase. Would be interested on the reasoning for this?

  2. Brant: Good question. The short answer is “The data indicates it is appropriate.” See this post for how I derived these numbers.

    The summary is that I have 18 months of data on a long cut phase with a high-protein bias, and even more detailed data on the past 2 months of paleo/high protein diets, with positive response – by which I mean “maintained lean body mass, reduced body fat”. In order to add lean body mass, I will need to increase protein levels in addition to calories and training. Again, see the prior post for more detail.

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