Performance Based Paleo Challenge

You asked for it and you’ve got it, Crossfit Fenway’s first PERFORMANCE BASED PALEO CHALLENGE.  Practicing consistent and healthy eating habits is ideal year round, but what better time than now, the beginning of the new year to get started?!  Whether you’re looking to improve your performance, lose a few pounds, or just get a better idea of what your crazy coaches and other members do for nutrition, any and all CFF members are invited to participate.

The basics of Paleo nutrition are eat like our hunter-gatherer ancestors used to during caveman times: meats, vegetables, nuts, seeds, some fruit, little to no starch and NO processed sugar.  The 30 day challenge will officially start January 23rd, and end on February 20th.  There will be prizes for the top finishers based on your performance in 2 workouts, and a point system to keep track of in a daily nutrition log.  To be eligible for prizes, participation in the workouts, as well as a $20 dollar buy-in are required.  We’re doing the workouts this Saturday, January 14th during the invasions (all may sign up and take part in the invasions as normal, even if you don’t plan on going Paleo).  After both sessions, at 1:30 PM, we’ll be having a discussion with a more detailed explanation of Paleo nutrition, and answering any questions about this performance based challenge, including how to score your points and what to eat/not eat.

Here’s a website to give you an idea of what you’re in for if you choose to participate!

Please e-mail Erika if you’re in, or if you have any questions.  If you’re on the fence, show up Saturday and we’ll have a sign up sheet available.  See you then!

January 10, 2012
Power Clean 1-1-1-1-1-1-1


6 Squat Cleans (55kg/30kg)
12 Pull-ups
24 Double Unders

Compare to 100927

Schedule Update: No classes at CrossFit Fenway on Monday, January 16th.

18 thoughts on “Performance Based Paleo Challenge”

  1. You know the look the kids get on their faces when they get brought into the cell block on “Beyond Scared Straight?” That’s me right now.

    1. PC — 46kg, definitely stuck. I have neglected strength in favor of fun things like Hero and Benchmark Fridays, and it shows.

      WOD — 4 + 16 Rx

  2. Power Clean: 75kg. Seem to be stuck at this weight. Practice, practice, practice.

    WOD: 3+8 Rx. Double unders came back in the third round today with absolutely NO HELP from Coach Erika. Great job 6:00am’ers!

    1. shorty, i can’t tell if these means I contributed nothing to your doubles today or I didn’t HAVE to because of how much better they got. Either way, I’m going to go sob in the corner.

      1. Obviously I meant you weren’t swinging the rope for me double dutch style. Any way that could be included in a WOD?

  3. If you want a control group that eats like crap for a month then does the workouts, I would be willing to take one for the team and volunteer for that.

  4. Snyder, with all of the photos out there of you stuffing a cupcake/hotdog/burger in your face… you choose THIS picture for today’s blog?! Fail.

  5. HA! I did NOT choose the picture. This was Eric’s doing! Also what you don’t know is 20the minutes later I was participating in the tasty burger challenge. Also guys, if you can’t make Saturday to do the workouts that’s totally fine. Just talk to one of your coaches and we can set up a time for you to do them!

  6. PC: 80kg
    Tried 85kg twice, but squat cleaned it both times. My body just naturally squatted under the weight when it got that heavy.
    WOD: 4rds+18 Rx.
    Forearms burned out quickly making it difficult to continue hanging on to the bar at the bottom of the pull-ups, which means lots of singles.

  7. PC: 75kg

    WOD: 3+10 No RX because my squat clean consisted of a power clean and front squat (note to self: they are not the same thing). Add it to the list of things to work on I guess (lol).

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