Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

The snatch is arguably the hardest movement we have to do in Crossfit.  You need good deadlift form, squat form, footwork, flexibility and explosiveness, to get the weight from ground to over head in one motion.  In the snatch complex we get a chance to work on all of these things.  When you are going through the snatch complex in class don’t just go through the motions.  Perfect practice makes perfect, and focusing on all of the smaller parts of the snatch will make you better when you have to perform the lift, and will eventually lead to pr’s.

We also have a short, fast AMRAP of over head squats and hand release push ups.  Pile up the rounds, push through the suck, and get after it.

Kendrick Farris 157 kg Snatch

DJ Wickham 100 kg Snatch Complex from the Canadian Regionals (WMV/MOV)

WED 3/2
Snatch Complex 3-3-3-3-3

  • Snatch Pull
  • Hang Power Snatch
  • Overhead Squat

8 Overhead Squats (45kg/30kg)
8 Hand Release Push-ups


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12 thoughts on “Perfect Practice Makes Perfect”

  1. 7 rds + 5 (dropped the bar for being off balance at start of round 5- wasted alot of time there!)

    Good push today Aaron in the 6 am…

  2. 7 rds + 5 (dropped the bar- off balance at start of round 5- wasted alot of time there!)

    Good push today Aaron in the 6 am…

  3. Snatch – worked up to completing the entire complex at 32 kg which is a PR for me. Thanks for the pointers Stace!

    WOD: 7 rounds + 4 at 25kg

  4. WOD: 4 rounds. Didn’t scale correctly at all (feel like I’m going backwards in my overhead squat). 1 round at 45kg, 2 rounds at 40kg and final round at 30kg.

    Claire–the turkey tips are good, by the way. I recommend them if you’re still on the fence 😉

  5. 6 rds + 1 @ 26kg…the most frustrating part was that the wonderful snatch lessons went out the window after the first round and I regressed to rack-jerking to get overhead.

    A very fast 8 minutes.

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