People At Work

I can’t tell you how excited I am to have this incredible crew working here at CrossFit Fenway. I am also proud and happy to see members in the facility lifting and jumping and rowing, and thrilled to know that we are continuing this journey together – creating worlds consciously with our choices. I chose to pull together an incredible team and build a training facility, a fitness studio. It’s a pleasure to see people – both trainers and trainees – at work in it. Will you come in? Will you create a fitter world with us?

Everyone is srs, when SRSBZNS BABY is monitoring the situation.
Everyone is srs, when SRSBZNS BABY is monitoring the situation.

Pictured here: Stacey, Eric, Steve, and SRSBZNS BABY all observe as JT demonstrates CrossFit Fenway’s state-of-the-art internal web data management systems. New members receive login information that they use to register in advance for classes and manage their automatic payment information. All data is stored off-site on secure servers – not on paper at the facility – so your personal information is not at risk of theft. We accept credit cards, checks, and electronic fund transfers (automated monthly payments) thanks to this system, for your convenience. We also use that pre-registration to limit the class sizes, making sure each member gets enough personal attention in every session.

Feel free to send us an email to get an introductory session and find out more of what we’re all about here. It’s good to be hard at work.

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