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Pictured above is the soon-to-be new home of CrossFit Fenway.  It’s getting a makeover right now, with contractors hard at work daily, but we expect the end result to be a facility as beautiful as it’s older sibling, CrossFit Somerville.  Think shiny, brand new bathrooms, ceilings high enough for indoor wall ball, and it’s BIG (can’t teach size).  Located just around the corner on Brookline Avenue, we plan to move in this March.  I’m wicked psyched about the upgrade, and that I can share this news with all of you.

January 11, 2012
Press 5-5-5-5-5

Overhead Walking Lunge Steps, 20kg


The Performance Based Paleo Challenge is starting up this Saturday, January 14th, with workouts during the invasion sessions, and a meeting to follow at 1:30 PM.  Please e-mail Erika if you’d like to participate, or for more information.  The official start date will be Monday, January 23rd, so if you can’t make it this weekend, we can schedule a time to perform the workouts.

Schedule Update: No classes at CFF on Monday, January 16th.

27 thoughts on “Our New Home”

    1. You have no idea. Although if you’d like to join the design committee, Eric and I are accepting submissions. Note that all fixtures must be ADA-compliant (handicap accessible). But hey, somebody’s gotta pick out the style of doorknobs and sinks…

  1. I’m most excited about doing wall balls inside.

    And yes, this will most likely be the only time I use the words “excited” and “wall balls” in the same sentence. Good thing it’s in writing.

  2. Can’t wait to see the new digs…and am hoping for a sound system similar to the one at Somerville. Got that Super Bass.

    Press — 30.5kg, failed on 5th rep at 31kg

    WOD — 15:10Rx

  3. Press: this never goes as I think it should. 35 x 5, 40 x 3, 38 x 4. Then I gave up in anger.

    WOD: Scrapper and I had a nice little race going this morning! 15:17 RX.

    Walking is going to get interesting.

    P.S. SHANE. Email Eric.

    1. You rocked that first set of lunges unbroken! Holding my arm above my head to dry my hair this morning was tiring/difficult.

  4. Can’t wait to see the new place 🙂 KP and I had an AWESOME 6:30am class this morning (double trouble), lol 🙂

    Press- 28kg PR – failed 29kg but I will get it next time
    WOD: I did step ups and sit ups… I don’t remember my time but I think it was around 17:something…

  5. Is this where Tomb used to be?! Very much looking forward to shiny new bathrooms! Maybe it will even get me in to workout in the morning!

  6. Press: 50kg – PR x5
    WOD: 10:59rx
    Key to this workout was not dropping the plate until the set was over. Great job 6pm!

  7. Press: 28kgs (easily my least favorite strength exercise)

    WOD: 14:30rx….my ass has been twitching all day…cannot wait for tomorrow…

  8. Press: 24.5kg
    WOD: 15:37 w/15 kg plate. I agree with Shorty- wish I had hung onto that plate for whole sets…and kept better count of lunges!

  9. Press: 55kg. Felt like I could have done 60, so I tried it after the WOD…which made me feel a whole lot happier about 55.

    WOD: 12:16rx. tried to keep up with Shorty but got SMOKED!
    awesome job dude.

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