Operation Phoenix

CrossFit Fenway has Operation Phoenix t-shirts in stock and for sale at the website prices.  All proceeds will go to the directly to the charity.

Stacey Kroon modeling the newest Operation Phoenix T
Stacey Kroon modeling the newest Operation Phoenix T

Operation Phoenix is a CrossFit initiative that will raise the necessary funds to equip the entire United States Marine Corps with functional fitness equipment to increase combat preparedness, reduce injury, and strengthen unit cohesion. This will be accomplished through non-profit sales, corporate sponsorships, and individual donations. Every penny raised will go directly to “America’s Fighting Force,” the USMC.

10 thoughts on “Operation Phoenix”

    1. Hi Ed,
      I shot you an e-mail with some info, but it was kicked back to me. Do you have an alternative e-mail address I can send to? Also, please feel free to stop in for more info and to setup a free trial session.


      1. Sorry for the trouble Eric, I can use my Daughter;s
        michelle 25717@yahoo.com
        just want to know how often the classes, how many in a class.
        and the cost. I work in the area 9;30 to 6;00 pm.
        sundays and tuesdays off.
        thanks and once again good luck !!!!

        1. Hi Ed, That e-mail didn’t seem to work either. Here’s the info. We are currently running classes at 5:30 AM, 6:30 AM, 7:30 AM, 12 PM, 5 PM, and 7 PM. Our classes are closed enrollment, ensuring a low student to instructor ratio, and that you get individual attention and coaching every time you come in. We offer a free trial session, so you can come see what we’re all about. It would be great if you could come in for one (please contact us for scheduling), and we could discuss our program and rates in detail at that time. -Eric

  1. Sorry about the e-mails. the only hours i could make is 7;00 pm due to my schedule. I plan on coming in but in the meantime can you give me an idea of how long the sessions are and roughly what they consist of. Is it more weights/ cardio? I should also mention I am 56 years old. Hope I won;t be the oldest member. Thanks Ed

    1. Ed, 7 PM would be great. The classes are about an hour each. There is some strength training and you will definitely get some cardio work as well. CrossFit is for everyone, because all workouts can be scaled to individual athletes needs. See you soon. -Eric

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