Operation Hydration

100_1088Do you drink enough water?  Do you know how much water you should be drinking?  I’ll admit that until a couple days ago I was probably going through each day a little dehydrated.  This video from  CrossFit Endurance by Again Faster (WMV/MOV) appeared on the main site the other day, and served as my wake up call to drink more water.  According to the video being 1% dehydrated can lead to 10% to 12% drop in performance.  So, how much water should you be drinking?  Half your body weight in ounces, plus another 16 to 20 ounces for every hour of training.  I’m on a mission to get in at least 90 ounces a day.  Drink up, and enjoy improved performance.

Tomorrow is Friday, so we have another benchmark workout.  Cindy is one of the most basic girl workouts, requiring only one piece of equipment, and consisting of a triplet of  easy to execute body weight movements.  Setup and get as much work done as you can in 20 minutes.

February 12th, 2010

Skill: Static holds on Parallettes

WOD: Cindy

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:

5 pull-ups

10 push-ups

15 squats

Programming Note: We will only be running 2 classes Monday, February 15th in observance of Presidents’ Day.  There will be a class at 1 PM and a class at 5 PM.  Similar to our invasion workouts these classes are open to all members, and do not require advanced registration.

6 thoughts on “Operation Hydration”

  1. I agree completely, great work out today and an absolutely awesome way to finish month 1 (for me). I am astonished at the strength gains that can be made with CF in such a short period of time . . . I would have thought you were on crack if you had told me 4 weeks ago that I:

    – Could do 70 – 80 push ups AFTER having already worked out for 40 minutes (I could probably do 10 – 15 when I started)
    – Would actually think that pull ups were the easiest part of Cindy (I couldn’t do a single unassisted pull up when I started)
    – Wouldn’t feel insanely pukie during and after every WOD (my recovery time from workouts is now almost instantaneous, it’s amazing)

    Wow . . . it really makes you wonder just how awesome things will look like 3 months, 6 months, 1 year from now!

    Also thrilled to see so many starting to join the fun that is the mighty, mighty 5:30 class. It’s a blast to be taking this journey with all of you! =D

    Hope to see many of you tomorrow.

  2. I echo the responses above. I havent been this excited about working out in a decade. The biggest improvement i see (as i finish month 1 like Shawn) is my body doesnt feel like it is going to fall apart during every burpee or box jump.

    I think we should make Justin put together a workout mix since he threw Rascal Flatts under the bus on Tuesday morning.

    My favorite part of the day is seeing the 630 class watch us and know that my pain is almost over but theirs is about to begin!

  3. I love you guys.

    I invite and welcome any contributed playlists or songs. Kevin’s the only one so far who has actually stepped up to the plate in that respect!

    Make me some mix tapes… er, CDs, people!

  4. I literally laughed out loud when I read this:

    “My favorite part of the day is seeing the 630 class watch us and know that my pain is almost over but theirs is about to begin!”

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