Open Update 11.4

Only a handful of CrossFit Fenway athletes went to CrossFit Southie to take a shot at Open Workout 11.4.  Chris Daly and Michael Cahill both got a few more reps out of the chipper in disguise.  Thanks to CrossFit Southie for hosting another great Open weekend.

In a last chance effort, several athletes performed the workout Sunday morning on their home turf at CrossFit Fenway.  Erika Snyder and Dennis Moriconi’s hard work paid off, as they were each rewarded with muscle-ups.  A very big deal in this workout, as many athletes got through the first 90 reps of burpees and overhead squats, but were stuck on the more technical gymnastics moevement.

Based on the new scoreboard on the games site, CrossFit Fenway currently sits in 3rd place in the Northeast.  Stacey sits 3rd in the region (18th Worldwide).  Haley’s in 12th, and Erika moved up to 58th.  In the men’s division, Joe’s in 37th, Aaron’s in 76th, and Justin’s in 97th.

It’s been an exciting season, bringing out the best in our athletes.  Only 2 weeks to go, with both of the final workouts being announced Tuesday night.

April 19, 2011

Jerk 5-5-5-5-5

Kettlebell Swings (24kg/16kg)

11 thoughts on “Open Update 11.4”

  1. Monday WOD – run 26.2 miles.
    Time: 5:00:55 Rx

    Not a PR by a long shot, but decided since this was my 12th and last Boston, I was going to run it with some close teammates/friends. A few of them had a tough day (cramping & respiratory issues), but I stayed and hung back with them. Don’t know how fast I could’ve done it otherwise, but I wouldn’t have traded my experience with them for anything.

    Looking forward to getting back to the box on Monday, and finally putting my complete focus on CrossFit. Thank you all for all of your great support!

    1. Great job Scott! Even more impressive that you sacrificed your PR to be a pillar of strength to others. You should be very very proud!

    1. Jerk — 40kg, couldn’t find handily whether this is a definite PR for 5-rep but it’s got to be close.

      WOD — 10:56Rx

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