Open Update 11.3

Open Workout 11.3 appeared designed to narrow the field, and scanning the numbers, it seems it has.  As the standings shake out though, it looks like it was another great week for CrossFit Fenway.  With 79 and 77 reps respectively, Joe and Stacey lead the way with a couple of the top scores both domestically and internationally.  We’ve now had 10 athletes score for the team, as Ty Eriks added his 52 rep performance to our total this week.  Halfway through the competition Joe, Aaron, Stacey, Haley, Erika and Mary are all within or very near the top 60 athletes in the Northeast, and qualification for Regionals.  Thanks to CrossFit New England for hosting this past weekend.  Let the speculation begin on what the final 3 events will hold.

April 11, 2011
Overhead Squat 5-5-3-3-1-1-1

5 Rounds:
5 Deadlifts (275#/185#)
10 Burpees

Compare to 090110

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  1. Overhead Squat – 65kg (PR)
    WOD: 5:32 @ 100kg – this was 20kg heavier and 11 seconds faster that my performance on 9/1/10, so I’m happy with that.

  2. Great to see the morning crew today – I missed you guys!

    OHS: 80kg
    WOD: 4:51 Rx

    Beat my time of 6:46 Rx from September. Also beat my sub-5 minute callout of Eric P from that day, which I’m happy about, though I’d rather have Eric here to crush my time and give me something to shoot for next time.

    1. Great job with the 80kg OHS, Nate. Glad you kept the wall intact!

      Who needs Eric P when we’ve got Justin?!
      Both of you killed it today.

  3. OHS – 30kg, which i think is a PR. Failed twice at 31.5kg, once before i squatted, and once at the bottom of the squat but both times from leaning forward

    WOD: 4:30 at 50kg.

  4. OHS – 65kg (definitely could have gone heavier, except we lost some time on a re-rack/bail-out mishap)

    WOD: 5:22 @80kg

    we need to get KP an alarm clock. or a new phone.

  5. Man, our gym has been super full of awesomesauce this week!

    I finally took my Air Force Physical Fitness Test today and BOOM! got the score I was aiming for!

    The abdominal circumference (right above your hip – gut check!) is 20 points, 1 minute of situps are 10 points, 1 minute of pushups are 10 points, and the 1.5 mile run is 60 points.

    In Oct, I got 32.5″ ab circumference (17.1 points), was exempt from pushups due to an injury, 54 situps (10 points), and ran in 16:03 (44.1) for a score of 79.11 (raw divided by 90 since I didn’t do pushups).

    Today, I got 30.5″ AC (20 points), 30 pushups (8.8 points), 45 situps (10 points), and ran in 14:36 (51.2 points), for a total score of 90!

    With a little boost for getting into the next age bracket (helped only my pushups), some extra training, great coaching from Eric and support from everyone at CFF I rocked this beast! Thanks a bunch for being so helpful during the training for this!

    And props to the 11.3 WOD scores. Killer!


  6. OHS 60 KG PR

    WOD: 5:17 @80 kg. Really need to work on my deadlift. This is probably one of my bigger weight lifting goats

  7. Overhead squat= BAAHHH BAAAH.. (Goats “bahh”, right?) Anyway.. Got up to 3 reps of 35kg and could not seem to successfully go up in weight…. My WOD time was not great either (7:33) But I stayed at 60kg for dead lifts which was definitely the most I’ve ever done during a WOD!

  8. OHS: 55kg
    WOD: 6:14 @ 105kg

    Needed a good workout after crappy eating and not crossfit for four days. Feeling relaxed (sigh).

  9. OHS – 52 kg (pr)

    WOD – finished 3 rounds rx before tweaking my back due to both poor form and existing lumbar soreness from laying in bed in the fetal position for approx 12 hours on Saturday after finishing Whitten. dnf.

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