Open Update 11.2

First off, a big thanks to Marshall’s for letting us use part of their space as we hosted the second workout of The Open.  The  event wouldn’t have been possible without contributions from many members of the CrossFit Fenway family, including Ana, Ben, Neal, Scott, Shorty, Cal, DJ Scrappy in the booth, Jen K. and Jen W. running the scoreboard, and the lovely Lesley taking charge of registration and t-shirt sales.  To all of you, and anyone I may have forgotten in my post-WOD stupor, thank you so much for helping make Saturday awesome.

Saturday was a good day for many of CrossFit Fenway’s athletes, as Aaron, Sam, Cahill, Erika, and I all saw big score improvements over our first attempts at the workout.  The leaderboard seems a little banged up at the moment, so I can’t tell you exactly where our team, or top athletes stand, but I do know our top 3 male and female scores that contributed to our team for this one.

  • Stacey: 13 Rounds + 9 Reps
  • Justin: 12 Rounds + 15 Reps
  • Eric: 12 Rounds + 6 Reps
  • Haley: 11 Rounds + 23 Reps
  • Sam: 11 Rounds + 11 Reps
  • Erika: 10 Rounds + 9 Reps

This is truly a team effort.  After 2 workouts, and 12 scores, we’ve had 9 different athletes’ scores used for our team.  Keep training hard, because any given week your score could be the one that counts

April 4, 2011
High Bar Back Squat 5-5-5-5-5

4 Muscle-ups
12 Kettlebell Swings (32kg/24kg)

*Scale muscle-ups to 12 pull-ups and 12 ring dips

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  1. It was amazing and inspiring watching all of you perform on Saturday. For those of you who couldn’t make it, I make a quick video of some of the action – particularly the nitroglycerin-infused first round, stacked with CFF coaches & interns. It’s an privilege to be trained by you guys…

    For those of you who haven’t made it to a CrossFit Open competition, I HIGHLY recommend you check one out.

  2. The leaderboard on The Open site seems to be working again. A few standings updates:

    CrossFit Fenway is currently the 5th ranked team in the Northeast!
    …AND the 49th ranked team in the world!

    Ron is ranked 41st among men 50-54, 6th in the Northeast within that division!

    Fenway women currently in the top 100 in the Northeast:
    Stacey – 7th
    Haley – 16th
    Mary – 84th.

    Fenway men currently in the top 100 in the Northeast:
    Aaron – 56th
    Justin – 74th
    Joe – 83rd

  3. HBBS: 100kg
    WOD: 2+8 (purple bands on ring dips and pull ups)

    On an important note, I had a spectacular failure on my last set of HBBS @ 115kg. I ended up losing my balance, falling backwards on my butt, and having the bar, loaded at 115kg bounce off my upper back. Fortunately, I’m fine, but it was scary and could’ve ended much, much worse. Lesson? Learn how to bail on all of your lifts.

  4. HBBS: questionable 55kg – really REALLY need to focus on my depth situation

    WOD: 4+16 with red band on dips and pull ups and a 20kg KB. Unbanding REAL soon from pull ups.

  5. Woo Fenway!!!

    HBBS: 55kg. Pretty much BW, so I’ll take it.
    WOD: 7+19 with a lot of bands and 20kg Russian swings. It was more about speed and not using my right arm than anything…

  6. way to represent, Fenway.

    HBBS: 110kg (new PR)

    WOD: a craptacular 3+25 – need to continue working on pull-ups.

    1. oh, and GOAT work: DUs, HSPUs, situps

      also came up with these combos during warm-ups: split-clean, split-jerk-snatch…

      oh, Monday.

  7. HBBS: 70 kg x 4…but this was the first time i’d even done one rep at 70 kg
    WOD: 3 + 3 w/ unbanded pullups, unbanded dips for the first round and a half, then half a red band the rest of the way. rx kettle bell

  8. HBBS: 91 kg
    WOD: 4 rds +34
    Bar Dips (No Rings) and 24kg KB (Heaviest available to me). Pull-ups continue to slow me down. Only 1 rd unbroken.

  9. HBBS — 50kg. Pretty frustrating, this is about 20% below my PR…there was that whole running thing recently but still.

    WOD — 4 rds + 2 reps, red band for dips. Was someone playing “For Whom the Bell Tolls” during this, or was that just my imagination?

  10. HBBS: 70kg; got 72 for 2 reps

    WOD: 4 rds + 4 reps, plus one glorious wipeout from the high pullup bar, band, slipping off the box and onto my butt on the floor. Thanks to Eric for not letting me just sit there like I wanted to do. I used the purple band for both pullups and dips and the 16kg kettlebell.

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