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6/20 WOD

5 rounds for time:
10 Handstand Pushups (to 1 abmat depth)
20 Jumping Lunges
30 Situps
40 Squats
Total time: 24:10
– Did this one on a farm in Iowa. Didn’t like the looks of any nearby tree branches, so I opted for HSPU instead. It got hot and sunny during the WOD, very sweat-tastic. I am immensely pleased with the HSPU – I folded up a pair of pants to give me a pad/target for my head and to throw under my back for abmat-ish situps.

On Blogging

It’s not always easy to remember that you’re doing good work.

I get a little lost sometimes. I think all of us do, from time to time. I frequently say that this is all about love, and even then sometimes it’s hard to keep that in mind.

When I first started doing CrossFit, it was agonizingly hard. Sticking with it, I found the results came quickly and those results helped keep me motivated and positive. And yet, even in the midst of all that quick positive change, it was sadly easy to get discouraged and lose my way. All too easy to forget what positive changes I was making and get lost, confused, off track.

You can see that tendency even now, in my Paleo Blogs. I get off track. I start chomping almonds (damn tasty, they are – but not helpful). Then I get frustrated by my lack of progress and the cycle is right there to begin again… frustration, impatience, and something that feels less like self-love and more like an invitation to be hard and cruel to myself.

No good comes of that.

The fact is that even when we’re lost in the deepest holes, down in the hardest places to dig out of, CrossFit Fenway is right there. We’re all coming in for our 2 to 5 WODs a week and putting in an incredible effort. With each workout we’re incrementally becoming stronger and faster, placing incredible demands on our bodies to which they will adapt.

It’s that simple. CrossFit Fenway isn’t going anywhere. You are going to show up and put in the effort, and so am I. Regardless of whether or not we see it in any given moment, progress is being made – and will continue, as long as we do the other “little things” to support it. You know: like sleeping 8+ hours a night, eating well, loving our selves.

That’s one reason why journals, workout logs, and (especially) WOD blogging is so important. I can look back at a “lost month”, one in which I feel no progress could have been made, and I can see that my lifts are in fact getting stronger. I can see that even though I may feel that I haven’t been working hard enough, all that effort is recorded. I know I came in and did those WODs- it says so on the paper.

Best of all, if I’m sharing those experiences every day in a blog on Facebook (or LiveJournal, or wherever you blog), I’m opening up my life to my friends. I’m sharing my journey and my experiences with more people. I’m giving them the opportunity to know who I am and what I’m choosing – and giving myself the opportunity to be seen, to be known. In those times when I may not see myself clearly, it helps me to see and hear my friends’ reflections of what I’m choosing.

Time gets tight as we get busier, and it’s been a busy time for me since I started ramping up to open CrossFit Fenway. I’ve put a lot of time and energy into building this place, creating an environment that’s healthy, happy, and helpful for you and me both. I find the time to do the little things that make it better, and I find the time to do my WODs, and I even find the time (usually) to keep up the Paleo Blog.

I haven’t made time to blog my WODs in a long time, though – not since we got started. And really, that’s how this all started. One friend who blogged his workouts and planted the seed in my mind of what might be possible. I started by giving him shit about it, then I listened, then I thought, then I acted.

Then I blogged my own workouts and spread that idea to friends all over the country. My stories are the ways in which you get to know who I am. Your stories allow me to know who you are. I’m so grateful for the stories you each share about your lives, your journeys, your passions and fears and triumphs. With each story I get to see a little bit more of who you are – which is just a little bit more of a wonderful person that I can know, accept, and celebrate.

Now there’s over a hundred of us joined in this pursuit at CFF. What would happen if we all blogged our workouts? How many people could we inspire? How many seeds would we plant? How many lives would we change?

I’m going to start again, because it makes a difference in my life. When I blog my WODs, I am opening myself up to receive love. My friends are there to support me all day long. I gain inspiration and motivation from the voices I hear that tell me they are inspired, that they are eager for change. And ultimately, I feel better because each time I share this experience of growth I am one step closer to creating a world full of empowered, capable individuals who choose their course of their lives consciously in each moment – starting with me.

So I’m starting with me, again. I’m going to be blogging my WODs regularly. If you’re a friend on Facebook, you’ll see them. (And if you’re not, add me!)

I invite you, yes you, to do the same. I look forward to reading them and having the opportunity to know each of you better, to accept you more fully, and to support you in all of your choices.

I don’t know any better way to love. And for me, that’s a big part of what this is all about.


Postscript: One of our members wrote me a lovely email recently about what CFF means to them, and how important it is personally to feel accepted and welcomed. There was a little apology at the end: “sorry for all the mushy stuff”. I say there’s no apology needed. The mushy stuff is in all of us. I’m grateful to share mine and yours.

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