No Rep Yourself

Recently I was working out alone, something I don’t do all that often these days.  It included wall ball, knees to elbows, and kettlebell swings.  Several times during the workout I found myself calling “no rep” on myself.  Why did I do this?  No one was around, the only thing I was competing with was the clock, and what I was experiencing felt like a low grade form of torture.  I did it because integrity is important to me.  When I write down a time, a number of reps, or a weight, even if it’s just in my personal journal, I want it to be legit.  I want to know that everything I did was held to the highest movement standards possible, and I want all of you to do the same.

All of your coaches do their best to keep an eye on you, but we honestly cannot watch every rep of everyone’s workout.  Miss the wall ball target?  No rep yourself.  Hit your armpit instead of your elbow?  No rep yourself.  When you cheat range of motion you’re only cheating yourself.  This is important to remember if you have aspirations of competing in CrossFit.  The last thing you want to do is show up on game day and have your reps not count.

Integrity both personal, as well as of the data we’re generating matters a great deal to me, and I want it to matter to you too.  People will die for points, especially when in direct competition with one another.  Don’t let your desire to “win” get in the way of the high level of character I know you all have, or interfere with your primary goal here, improved fitness.

January 20, 2011

Strength: Sumo Deadlift 5-5-5-5-5

12 Front Squats (50kg/35kg)
4 Muscle-ups

*Scale muscle-ups to 12 pull-ups & 12 dips


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For an opportunity to get some extra work in on the snatch, clean, and jerk, we’ve got Olympic Weightlifting Clinics this Saturday, January 22nd with CFHQ Trainer EC Synkowski.  We’ve only got a few spots left in each, so contact Eric for more information, and to register today.

***No invasion this weekend

31 thoughts on “No Rep Yourself”

  1. Travel WOD at CrossFit Minnesota, kinda big group but lots of fun and a great coach.

    6 rounds:
    5 burpees
    20 pistols (10 each leg)
    12 ring dips (w band of undefined color)
    15 pull-ups

    (Yes, I am happy the WOD included pistols =)

    1. Thanks for the link. Her writing style matches the outward image crossfit projects: welcoming, encouraging, but at the end of the day obstinate (in the best sense of the word)and protective against anyone who would damage it.

  2. Hey, I have 2 tickets to the Celtics tomorrow in Loge 4 that I’m not going to use. If you’re interested, email me! Not looking for face value on them…not sure how else to get rid of them…

  3. My original post disappeared into the Interwebs, so excuse the repetition if it resurfaces.

    SDL — 92kg PR. It was a very slow set of 5; not sure how I’d fare under strict touch-and-go standards.

    WOD — 4rds + 7 squats (Rx weight, unassisted pull-ups, dips w/a red band)

  4. I think the best part of my day was before class: I did 11 consecutive double unders and I also did my first handstand push-up (2 abmats and a 5kg plate). Two pretty nice milestones for me, or at least a good start to begin setting some goals!

    Then came the sumo. 75kg for 5 and 82kg for one very weird one. Ugh.

    WOD: 4 + 9 @ 35kg and purple pull-ups and purple dips.

    1. Awesome job of the double-unders, Julie. Now that you can string 11 together, things are really going to fall into place.

  5. Sumo – 130×3 not a PR, not a strong effort.

    WOD: 6 rounds +12 front squats +1 muscle up. RX

    Nathan gave me a great lesson on the muscle up. With his example my new goal is to string some together.

  6. Well, apparently I’m a little more beat up from the competition this weekend than I though. Got 100kg on my second set of deads, but then quit to try to save my back.

    Then did flight simulator – 13:08

  7. Ugh, slipped on black ice this afternoon and banged up my knee – might postpone this WOD ’til tomorrow – though this one looks badass (in an awesome way).

    Aaaand, speaking of badass things, I was talking with Scott the other day about an obstacle course 5K I’m doing in May, and he suggested I try to drum up more Crossfitters to do it with! It’s gonna be wicked fun, I’m totally stoked for it – the website for it is this, if anyone else is interested:

  8. SDL: 105kg – PR!
    WOD: 4 + 6, substituted pull-ups (purple & red) and ring dips (purple) for the muscle-ups.

    I’ve gotta get better at the kip. I lose momentum and end up doing 1 kipping pull-up at a time.

  9. SDL: 100kg (didn’t push myself higher–not sure why, but no excuses)

    WOD: 3 rounds plus 19 reps (50 kg plus pull-ups and ring dips)

  10. 98kg (pr but still got lots in me)- made some Im trying hard noises but still could have went higher- p.s TY thanks for noticing the grunting! lol

    WOD: 4 + 36 did p-ups and used 1red band then 2 red band for dips
    (lots of work with body weight stuff still)

  11. 120KG (125×3)
    WOD: 4 + 15. rx weight, pull ups and dips – red bands on the ring dips, really need to get those. Got the first 3 sets of squats unbroken, though. I felt pretty good about that…

  12. Sumo: 64kg

    WOD: 4+7 squats @ 30kg, 2 red bands for pull ups, 1 red for dips. 30kg turned out to be MUCH more of a challenge than i thought and caused a lot of frustration for me.

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