Many a CrossFitter shares a healthy distaste for running.  Some actually start CrossFitting to improve at running, but I’d venture a guess that more do it to avoid running as their primary source of cardiovascular conditioning.  Wednesday we’ve got a midweek girl, Nicole where running is an obstacle standing between you and more pull-ups.  Hate all you want on those 400m pieces, but they’ve got to get done in order to amass more reps in this workout.  If it helps, think of the runs as a recovery period for your arms.  Don’t dog them though, because they’ll eat into those 20 minutes in a hurry.

November 16, 2011
400m Run
Max Rep Pull-ups

*Note number of pull-ups completed in each round

Compare to 100827

13 thoughts on “Nicole”

  1. Looks like a great WOD today! I went to see Haley and Yosh this morning at CF Somerville. What a great facility! I am so excited for them, and am sure it will be an incredible success.

    Deadlift 5×5″ 175# (yes they use #!), 185# for 3 reps
    WOD: Christine @ 125#, 20″ – 16:40

  2. “more do it to avoid running as their primary source of cardiovascular conditioning” –> that’s me. although i don’t hate running, i hated the monotony of going out for 3-5 milers every morning. boring!

    50 pull ups and 2 miles of running, Rx. My pull ups weren’t so hot this morning – my hands were slipping off the bar before I was failing and I couldn’t readjust without letting go.

  3. I happen to love running too and need to work on pull-ups so I enjoyed this despite a ripped hand at the end! Guess I am really a cross-fitter now…
    78 pull-ups with a stretched-out purple band and 6 rounds.

  4. 8/27/10: 41 Rx (7 rounds)
    11/16/11: 71 Rx (7 rounds)

    Brought my avg pullups per round from 6 to 10. Need to push it to 14 per round next time…(for a goal of 100). This is a good benchmark for me to do more frequently!

  5. Now that I can straighten my arms again…

    7 rounds, 128 pull-ups, 0 tears

    Big props to all who took this one on tonight in the pouring rain.

    Thanks for having me 5:30 PM!

  6. 111 rx, not sure how many rounds..I think 7 or 8. probably 8
    23 reps on first round, which is a PR. low – mid teens from there on
    really liked this one!

    great job 6pm!

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