SaintClair_CFF_041410-3026I once could quote all of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I have a collection of table-top roleplaying game source books. In high school and college I sang in a choir. I’m an Eagle Scout.

But I never played any sports in high school. Since childhood, I was behind on everything athletic. I didn’t know the rules to sports, I couldn’t read the field, I couldn’t keep up physically. Instead, I concentrated on my schoolwork and nerdy pursuits.

SCS_CFF_042110-3870It hasn’t been until recently that I’ve wanted to start getting in shape, but it’s felt like too huge a task to ever tackle. Really, wouldn’t it take years to undo the lethargic damage I’d done to myself? I felt way too far behind, as though trying to get in shape would simply be setting myself up for long, painful failure.

Recently, while learning to spin fire, I met a staff spinner named JT. After a couple of months, he started… shrinking. You can find his profile elsewhere. It was pretty inspiring to watch, and I found out that it was because of CrossFit. JT cared passionately about it, and at our semi-annual fire-spinning retreat, I participated in a CrossFit workshop with him.


"I've lost 10 pounds, but so much more fattiness has been converted into muscle!"

During my workout, JT emphasized the conscious choice I could make to either become a better, more capable, fit athlete, or to give up. With JT’s encouragement, I pushed myself harder than I ever have before in my life. In that moment, I realized that I could become an athlete, and wanted to more than ever.

When JT opened up a gym, I jumped at the opportunity. Though I was far behind, I could catch up. It didn’t matter that I didn’t know the rules, because I signed up for Fundamentals with Stacey. Everyone at CFF had the same great, nurturing mentality that it didn’t matter where you were, so long as you were trying as hard as everyone else to get further. I didn’t care that I couldn’t lift as much as many others – because they didn’t care either. It just mattered that I was just as sore afterward!

SaintClair_CFF_041410-3124Even though after my first workout with JT I was sore for a week afterwards, I’m now hooked. It’s been incredible! I’ve lost weight, I’ve gained confidence, I’m stronger and more flexible, I feel and look better, I’m more capable. Just recently, I completed my first unassisted pull-up in my life. Thank you so much to JT, Stacey, and Eric!! And thank you to everyone else at CrossFit Fenway who has encouraged and still does encourage me along the way!

So, in light of my old Dungeons and Dragons pursuits, I give you stats:

Before CFF Seeing Progress
Waist >36” (it was a tight belt) <32”
Weight 185 lbs 175 lbs
Push Press 12/17: 5×5 @24kg 2/10: 1-rep @49kg
Dead Lift 12/17: 3×3 @44kg 3/9: 3 @110kg, 1 @130kg
OH Squat 1/13: 5×5 @22kg 3/3: 5×3 @35kg
Front Squat 2/11: 5×5 @63kg 4/14: 1-rep @90kg
Jerk 1/15: 40kg 4/21: 65kg
Pullups 12/15: Green and Purple bands. 3/24: First. Pull-Up. EVER. Unassisted!
Totally Linda (press 25kg, DL 60kg,
squat 50kg)
1/6: DNF: got 10-9-8-7-6 in 20:00 3/25: Finished in 14:38