New Year’s Day Invasion – And A New Member Profile: Kristin Pineo

I’m giving you all an extra bit of time to sleep in, but being gone for a whole week has really got me revved up to be back in the box and working hard with you! Tomorrow, January 1st, Noon, at CrossFit Fenway for a fun-times Invasion that will help you sweat out the previous night’s excesses.

I couldnt resist using another superhero shot of KP And Justin.

Also, I’m very pleased to announce the MUCH delayed publication of our newest Member Profile. Kristin Pineo is one of the all-time classics at CrossFit Fenway. She’s an unmistakable personality, and we’ve enjoyed having her here for almost a full year. Over that time, she’s undergone some dramatic transformations, and cracked us all up laughing more than a few times.

Kristin is a wonderfully friendly and welcoming person, and it warms my heart to see her saying hello to every new person she doesn’t recognize at Fenway. Even if it’s your first time at CrossFit Fenway, she’ll be including you in the conversation and the jokes within 5 minutes. When she’s taking a rest day on Saturday, she has still been known to show up and cheer on an Invasion crew. She has even hosted a few CFF parties at her house (and although I’m pretty certain the beer wasn’t paleo, Eric and I looked the other way). Sweet, funny, and right at the heart of what makes Fenway beautiful, KP is an awesome contributor to the community.

I’m really excited to finally get to share her words about her experience of CrossFit Fenway… and if you haven’t met KP yet, show up to a morning class someday. You’ll probably run into her pretty quickly.

Member Profile: Kristin Pineo

2 thoughts on “New Year’s Day Invasion – And A New Member Profile: Kristin Pineo”

  1. Happy New Year WOD:

    100 pushups
    100 situps
    100 squats
    300 singles


    i know, terrible… been so bad over the holidays. looking forward to getting back to Fenway next week.

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