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The long, local nightmare is over.  At the end of last week we received 5kg and 10kg technique plates (pictured at left), and we will be receiving brand new bumpers in the same denominations in the next day or so, officially ending our shortage of small plates for the time being.  We also recently got some new barbells.  We want you using all the equipment, new and old, but please take care of it, and put it back where it belongs when you’re done, so our whole community may continue to have access and enjoy it.


July 25, 2011
Strength: High Bar Back Squat 5-5-5-5-5

4 Rounds:
21 Sit-ups
15 Burpees
9 Ring Dips

FIGHT GONE BAD 6: Registration for Fight Gone Bad 6 is open.  This year the Special Operations Warrior Foundation and the CrossFit Foundation are benefiting from the fundraising efforts.  Sign up and join in this great community event as a part of the CrossFit Fenway team.

14 thoughts on “New Toys”

  1. HBBS — 55kg, finally moving in the right direction again.

    WOD — 8:43 w/a red band.

    Get after the week, friends (especially our GAMES athletes)!

  2. I joined a month ago. After wanting the cool crossfit shoes for a while now I decided after talking to JT last we he came up with the idea that instead of getting them after hitting the 2 month mark i should earn them by dead lifting my body weight. Today I earned my shoes! 200 pounds! Im so happy with the progress I have made! Have a great week everyone and best of luck at the games!

    1. Congratulations, Andres! Your accomplishment earns you more esteem and respect than any cool shoes will. And, I hope you enjoy the new toys/shoes!

      1. thank you JT! I am excited to keep working hard! and i’ll enjoy the new toys once I get them! I’ll let you know how I feel about them after a test run.

  3. HBBS: 50 kg after a few single (almost double) reps at 55kg. It was noted today that my depth is no longer questionable, which might be why i’m struggling to get back to 55kg.

    WOD: 8:50 with half red band. i wasn’t expecting the transition from burpees to dips to be as taxing as it was!

    best of luck to you amazing people heading to Cali! beast mode.

      1. hahahaha. that needs to get added to an ipod stat for some beast mode WODs. and then a montage should come next with all the st. clair photogs

  4. HBBS: 109 kg- My quads are still a little sore from last Wednesday’s 400m lunge-fest, but they felt strong! I know I could’ve gone heavier. I guess we did all those lunges for a reason.

    WOD: 11:26 Rx. My dips still suck.

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