Nasty Girls

Nasty Girls is an awesome Wod that tests our conditioning as well as our technical skills as a crossfiter.  There is a large incentive to doing this WOD Rx.  The sub for muscle ups is going to be 21 pull ups and 21 dips each round.  Have fun and get after it.


“Nasty Girls”

3 rounds for time of:
50 Squats
7 Muscle-ups
135 pound Hang power cleans, 10 reps


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18 thoughts on “Nasty Girls”

  1. 18:20 @ 95#/43kg and red on pull-ups and dips

    10/01: 24:05 @ 35kg and purple on pull-ups and dips

    Nice work 5:30 – the lack of lights and music didn’t bring us down!

    1. I seriously need glasses. I thought you wrote the lack of TIGHTS…and I was thinking…I was there, it wasn’t THAT dark…
      You are so damn close to no bands at all!! Its lurking!!

  2. Nasty Girls – 18:00 – having some back issues so I rowed 250m instead of hang power cleans.
    First time doing muscle ups in a workout…wasn’t able to link any together but I got all 21 done!
    Great work 5:30!

  3. 6.24.11 — 15:58 @ 35kg, unassisted pull-ups and red dips (including the 45-ish seconds after the last set of ring dips when I spaced out and mistakenly thought I was done)

    10.1.10 — 24:33 @ 25kg, purple pull-ups and red dips…and according to my blog post I almost cried.

    Great work as always, 5:30ers!

    1. Awesome progress and your pull-ups were inspirational. I couldn’t believe how many you did unbroken in the first set!

  4. WOD: 18:01 subbed in the 21 pullups and dips because I dont have muscle ups yet 🙁 haha I will get therei soon enough tho

  5. 24:30
    Did 1 muscle up. haha. The rest PU’s and Dips.
    Today, I just didn’t have it. I had to use bands on my dips (1st Red then Purple) for the first time since last summer. HPC 135# rd 1 then 50kg for rds 2+3.

  6. Hey Everyone,
    I registered for the B.A.A. 10k this weekend prior to deciding to go out of town this weekend. I’d rather the bib not go to waste, so if anyone wants to pick up the bib under my name, let me know.

  7. 19:19 Rx.

    First expirence with ring muscle-ups = success!

    Taking a break for a few months till school starts 🙁

    Been fun! See ya in the fall!

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