Nancy is one of my favorite girls, and it’s not because there’s over a mile worth of running.  I like Nancy because I didn’t finish the first time I tried it.  I’m not great at overhead squats, and I relish the opportunity to work on them in a metcon, especially when they’re coupled with another movement I actually like to see.  If there’s a movement you don’t like (*cough*running*cough*), then you should work on it.

You’ve all been doing overhead squats a lot in the last few weeks, and we did some snatching Thursday, so you’re familiar with the movement, and how to get in position to execute it.  Whatever scaling you choose to use as you take on Nancy it’s sure to be a challenge.  Maybe she’ll be your new favorite too after Friday.022210-8825

April 30th, 2010

Skill: Core work

WOD: Nancy

Complete 5 rounds for time of:

400m Run

15 Overhead squats, 95#

The Red Sox are back in action, but still on the road Friday, so we’ve got plenty of parking.  The Sox are heading south to Baltimore, and Detective Jimmy McNulty Field to take on the Orioles.  Lackey’s already beaten them once this year, hopefully he can duplicate the feat, and keep the good times rolling on this road trip.

8 thoughts on “Nancy”

  1. Thanks guys. 6 great years with Eric, but this one has been the best because I get to see him doing what he loves every day.

  2. Congratulations Eric and Lesley!

    WOD 28:28 Rx. 95# is a PR overhead squat for me, and I got it 75 times today. Thank you 6 pm class for all of the support. I would not have finished without it.

    1. jen, what do you mean?! running is easy for you.. its just the breathing thats tricky 🙂

      and i agree, adorable picture.

      WOD- 15:18 @ 25kg …gotta love coming back in from a sprint to find that stacey has loaded up your bar for you haha

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