Looks like it’ll be a balmy mid-forties this Friday, perfect for a run or five.  It’ll certainly be chillier than last time we did Nancy, back in mid-July, but weather and temperature are merely more variables.  Try this couplet pairing what is widely considered the most basic form of exercise with the most complex slow lift to see how tomorrow’s score in the cold and breezy compares to the one from when it was hot and steamy.

January 6, 2012
5 Rounds:
400m Run
15 Overhead Squats (95#/65#)

Compare to 110715

21 thoughts on “Nancy”

  1. I’d like to be the first comment on here to inform everyone that we did convert adie to inov-8s…I repeat DID convert to inov-8s. That is all.

  2. October 2010: 20:12 @ 31 kg
    July 2011: 18:09 @ 40 kg
    Today: 16:46 R’frikkin’x!

    Does this CrossFit stuff work? Hell yes!

    Fun times for the 6:30 class, which was bitter-sweet as Stacey’s last coached workout for a while….

  3. Proof that so much of this CF thang is mental…

    Jackie, the two week redux
    12/23/11 13:54 – 20kg and 2 red
    1/6/12 12:59 – 20kg and 2 red

  4. Nancy: 13:12 with 15kg bar. Went light on the OH Squats. Probably should have been at least 20kg.

    Thank you Stacey!

  5. Nancy: 15:19 Rx. – PR

    For some reason I thought my PR on Nancy was 15:16, so that was my goal to beat. When I came in at 15:19 I was pissed. Then I got home and rechecked the blog and saw that my previous time was 15:51. So this was a 32 second PR. Not pissed anymore. haha.

    OH Squats were ok. My runs were too slow, though. Need to go outside and get at it.

    1. Wow! Nice work Dan… Looks like I’m bumped down to #5 on the leader board… Although after the evening classes, I’m sure I’ll be way down the list.

      It was nice while it lasted.

  6. WOD: 18:17 RX, a dreadful 2:30 slower than last time. Today felt awful.

    Stacey, we will be calling you at 5:35 on Monday morning to lead our warmup via phone. Today’s was pretty spectacular.

  7. 6:30 leprechauns!!!!

    WOD ANNIE: 8:50 Rx It’s amazing how much faster this goes when you can do double unders. Thanks Erika!

    Stacey… Already miss you 🙁 Please don’t be a stranger!!

  8. July: 18:07 Rx

    Today: 17:48 Rx

    Definitely going in the right direction but (note to self) my last few runs were too slow…

    1. I can’t believe I forgot this! My first pull-up today! My goodbye gift to Stacey….thank you for all of your encouragement and coaching this past year!
      and thanks to KP for the red band warmup tip..
      also- four handstands during warm-up- a testament to Erika helping me get over being upside down!

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