My Fight Gone Bad Story

I was doing alright for a 26 year old.  I was engaged to Lesley, we shared a condo, had the Xterra, and my job took good care of us financially, as well as with excellent health insurance.  However that same job made me miserable.  I also had my Level I CrossFit Certification, and was taking the advice of the certification staff, teaching my neighbors to squat.  I worked with friends, family, and anyone else that would let me, in any free time I could find to get more coaching experience.  I was trying to figure out how I could start my own affiliate.

I walked into CrossFit Boston on September 25th, 2009 for Fight Gone Bad 4 with a goal for the workout, and walked out with my life changed.  My score that night was 286.  I wanted to break 300, but only managed to somehow break a Hi-Tech plate at the sumo deadlift high pull station.  As I cooled down, enjoying some of the paleo snacks provided, and watching the other athletes, I had the conversation that completely altered the path I was on.  It can all be summed up with one question, “how would you like to run a CrossFit box?”

This was not the chance I was expecting or waiting for, but it was life altering, and one which I am eternally grateful to have received.  That evening, that event, and that question set my life on a journey that finds me typing this now, doing what I love everyday, being at CrossFit Fenway, working with all of you.  The charities Fight Gone Bad benefits provide hope and opportunity to those they support, many of whom have sacrificed so much so that we can continue to have the freedom to pursue life’s endless possibilities, and this is our chance to give back.

Registration for Fight Gone Bad 6 is open.  We’ll be running our heats Saturday morning, September 17th.  Sign up, fundraise, and join in this great community event as a part of the CrossFit Fenway team.  The three organizations benefiting from Fight Gone Bad 6 are:

  • The Special Operations Warrior Foundation, providing full college scholarships to the children of fallen members of the special ops community, as well as immediate financial assistance and support, so the families of wounded members of the special ops community can remain with their loved ones as they recover.
  • Infant Swimming Resource, teaching children water survival skills, so “Not One More Child Drowns.”
  • Camp Patriot, elected as the third charity by the CrossFit community, this organization exists to take disabled veterans on outdoor adventures.

August 8, 2011
Press 5-5-5-15+
(ideally final set is 60%-75% of best set of 5 for max reps)

3 Front Squats (60kg/45kg)
10 Ring Push-ups
100m Run (Kilmarnock and back)



New 9 AM Class! By popular demand, beginning Monday, August 8th CrossFit Fenway will be offering a 9 AM All Levels class Monday through Friday.

CrossFit Fenway Endurance 2011:  Running is a skill.  Just as with any other movement in CrossFit, instruction and practice are necessary to improve.  The CrossFit Fenway Endurance program is a supplemental, 8 session course that will be held on Saturday mornings at 9 AM, beginning August 20th, and running through early October.  This course is for anyone who wants to work to improve their skill.  Over the 8 sessions we will cover Pose running technique, and supplementing your CrossFit training with endurance programming.  Space is limited, so contact Eric for more information and to reserve your spot.

Did the excitement of the CrossFit Games get your competitive juices flowing?  Well you’re in luck!  The North East Fire Breather Festival, the first event in the new North East Garage Games Series will be held at CrossFit New England on Saturday, September 24th and Sunday the 25th.  There will be 3 events on Saturday with RX and scaled divisions (men and women competing in the RX division must be able to clean 155# and 105# respectively, 115# and 80# in the scaled division). There will be 2 additional events on Sunday for those that qualify.  All abilities and ages are welcome.  Register here and let your coaches know if you’re interested in putting your training to the test.

14 thoughts on “My Fight Gone Bad Story”

  1. Two of the SEALs killed in te helicopter crash were registered for FGB, which made that tragedy hit a little closer to home for me, and reinforced why I’m doing it…after all, it’s not my love of wall balls.

  2. great story, eric! watching everyone crush it last year was really awesome.

    Press: 26kg and failed after 3 for 27kg. Did my round of ’15’ at 20kg but really only made it through 14 after failing at 15.

    wod: 5+1

    i’m planning on signing up to compete in the scaled division of the fire breather festival. i’m really excited they have a scaled competition so i can actually see how i do in something like that!

  3. Felt utterly exhausted and wiped out this morning from the weekend.

    Press: 50kg and failed after 3 reps twice at 55kg. Round of 15 done at 40kg but last rep was UGLY!
    WOD: 4+13, and I probably was 1/2 way through the run when the time ended.

    I too plan on signing up for the scaled division of the Garage Games. It’ll be fun to compete on a larger scale so I can see what it’s like.

  4. Press: 50kg (got 13 reps at 40kg)

    WOD: 6 rounds plus 13 reps Rx (happy with that given my strong dislike for front squats, which of course means I should do more of them…)

    Looking forward to Crossfit Endurance and FGB 6 (my goals is 330 reps this year).

  5. Press: 60 KG at 5. Too big a jump from 60KG to 70KG on my last 5 rep set, but got 4 and half way up on my 5th before my spirit was crushed. 17 reps at 45KG

    WOD: 9rds + 3 RX

  6. Press: 45kg (50kg x 3, 32kg x 15). Not very happy with it. I seem to get stuck at a certain point.

    WOD: 6+10 rx. Ring push ups got tough after the first three rounds for me.

  7. Press — 33kg for 5, then 20kg for 21. Interesting scheme.

    WOD — 5 rds + 11 reps @ 40kg…I definitely should have done the FS component outside, coming back into the chewable air after the 100m was brutal.

  8. Thank you all for the warm welcome back. I’m amazed that I can even do Crossfit anymore after being so sick.

    Press: 25kg max, 15kg x 12 (I believe)
    WoD: Modified pushups and light front squats, 5×10.

    Wish I could attend tomorrow (well – today), but I forgot that I have to go to the dentist. :-/ Good luck!

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