Murph Day 2011

Monday, May 30th was Memorial Day.  This day commemorates members of the United States military who died in the service of our country.  It’s a day to remember those that have given all, so that we may continue to enjoy freedom, and life as we know it.

In CrossFit we have hero workouts to pay tribute to fallen servicemen.  One of, if not the most famous of these is Murph, in honor of Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy.  This Saturday, June 4th is Murph Day 2011 (the 3rd Annual Navy SEAL Memorial Challenge), honoring Lieutenant Murphy and all fallen veterans.

Gettin' ready for all those squats


At CrossFit Fenway we’ll be getting started at 9 AM this Saturday.  If you’d like to participate please donate online, direct your donation toward the Navy SEAL Memorial Challenge, specify CrossFit Fenway in the comment section, and contact Eric to sign up.  Any size donation is required to participate and proceeds will go to the Navy SEAL Foundation.  This is in lieu of an invasion this weekend (so much for unknown and unknowable), but if you don’t sign up, there won’t be a spot for you in one of the heats.

May 31, 2011

Strength: Push Press 3-3-3-3-3

3 Rounds:
50 Double Unders
75 Air Squats

Compare to 110113

Support the Team!

Regionals are right around the corner, and the CrossFit Fenway team is training hard, readying themselves to represent our box against the best athletes the Northeast has to offer.  Be there to support our athletes Friday, June 17th, Saturday, June 18th, and Sunday, June 19th at Reebok World Headquarters in Canton, MA.

17 thoughts on “Murph Day 2011”

  1. Push Press – 90kg (100kg x 1)
    WOD – 15:32 – first two rounds with awful double unders and the 3rd round with 200 singles. Need a lot of work on my double unders!

  2. Push Press: 65kg – PR
    WOD: 18:25 Rx – Man…. I USED to have double-unders. Today, I was lucky to string 4 together, and it was usually 1 or 2 at a time. I’ve got to practice, practice, practice.

  3. P/P — 42kg, 3-rep PR

    WOD — 12:14Rx. My d/u’s were inconsistent at best. After avoiding squats for most of the month, my legs have that newborn-deer-unsteady feel to them, but in a good way. Beautiful morning at CFF.

  4. 55kg
    WOD- 10:16
    1st round of DU’s were yuckkkyyy (reminded me of my perfomance with Sec WOD1 🙂
    round 2 and 3 felt great.

    CFF team looked focused and hot today (figuratively and literally) Keep on pushing!

  5. Hello from Miami Crossfit Fenway friends! Just wanted to drop in and let you know that all of the volume training finally paid off today as I got my first 2 kipping pullups!! Thanks CFF coaches for all of your help and encouragement! Looking forward to being back in Boston this fall! Now to string them together…


    1. That is so great!! Congratulations… now there is no going back! 🙂 Can’t wait to seem them in person!

      1. Thanks Ladies!!!!! I didn’t realize what was going on until my chin was above the bar and I thought, “did i just do a pullup”… So I did it again. Then came the celebratory dance.. it was epic.

        I miss you Cal!! Your pull-ups were definitely a huge motivation for me! Claudia is heading up there soon for the rest of the summer so I’m sure I’ll pop in and visit a few times before the fall..!

  6. push press: 43kg – PR
    WOD: 13:34 Rx

    Ordering my own super fast jump rope today. Need to practice these at home (a lot)!

  7. PP: 75kg x3 and 80 x1 PR
    WOD: 8:12 rx – 23 second improvement from January.
    It is getting hot out there!

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