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Are invisible box jumps on your movement wish list?

Making a list and checking it twice is very popular right now.  While getting your thoughts together, take a moment and consider what movements you’d like to practice in the new year.  I’m not talking about goats, or things to work on specifically for improved performance, but movements or workouts you really enjoy.  It is important to address weaknesses, and challenge ourselves, but it’s also important to mix in some fun.  After all, a constant focus on stuff we suck at can turn anyone into a real Scrooge.  Even in a laundry list chipper, full of exercises you’d rather avoid, sometimes all it takes is one movement you love to turn the workout into one of your favorites.  So let’s hear it.  Post your movement wish list to comments.

December 19, 2011
Strength: Push Press 5-5-5-5-5


CrossFit Open 11.2
9 Deadlifts (70kg/45kg)
12 Hand Release Push-ups
15 Box Jumps (24″/20″)

Compare to 110401

Schedule Update: No classes at CrossFit Fenway on Monday, December 26th.

33 thoughts on “Movement Wish List”

  1. Wish List:
    Pull-ups and double-unders. And while they’re not really feasible for a packed class in our current space, I LOVE toes-through-rings.

    1. PP — 43kg which is a PR, but this needs to be much higher…

      WOD — 8rds + 1 Rx, a very slight improvement over April. I have a nasty chest cold and felt (and sounded) like a fat, chain-smoking 70-year-old during most of this. Kind of disappointing day performance-wise, but I always feel better being here than home on the couch.

  2. Running Kilmarnock and wall balls up high,
    Bright kettle bells, grabbing chalk on the sly,
    Brown paper packages tied up with string,
    These are a few of my favorite things.

    Cream colored weights and crisp Boston days,
    Pullups and deadlifts, the Rx-ing craze,
    Silver white winters that melt into springs,
    These are a few of my favorite things.


  3. my list of things i need to work on is so much longer than the things i like, but:


    push press: 5x37kg, 4x40kg and i really think i could’ve gotten 5, but i lost control at the top of the 4th one and got all out of balance

    wod: 6+18 Rx. Hindsight on this one, I shouldn’t have done so many broken up rounds of DL because they actually felt pretty decent today

  4. my list: any type of press or squat and HSPU’s. as with Cal my list of things I don’t like to do and need to work on is much longer.

    push press – 95kg
    WOD – 8+18 Rx

    Great work 7AM!

  5. Push press – 50kg
    WOD – 4 + 32 (60kg dead lift)

    M favorite movement is clean & jerk. Abbate was the wod I’ve like the most so far.

    I’d also really like to try ring dip push again. They were part of the WOD at my first class and it did not go well.. 🙂

  6. PP: 70 KG
    WOD: 9 rounds RX

    This was my 1st ever crossfit wod back in late March. It totally crushed my spirit, and I remember aimlessly wandering around the room taking extended water breaks and resting on my box, as Kevin and Eric were thinking – what the f*@^k is this guy doing? Needless to say – much fewer rests this morning and no extended water breaks. Good work 7AM’ers!

    1. oh…and for my list. I would like to execute just 1 OHS! Not much to ask for. I’m easy like that. Actually, double-unders too.

    2. lol, tony i do remember watching you walk around and thinking exactly what you thought…needless to say you are now crushing it on a regular basis!

  7. Pretty much any movement that involves a barbell, my bodyweight, or any other of this “fitness” equipment I keep hearing about. 😀 But seriously, overhead squat is my current nemesis.

  8. PP: 55kg

    WOD: 7 + 16 RX, which was 6 reps fewer than last time. I fully attribute this to my horrific diet of late and the 4-5 bottles of wine I’ve consumed in the last five days. Merrrrry Chrismukkah!

    It’s a really wonderful feeling to be back at CFF full time again!

  9. I want to not look like a tall awkward loser while on the rowing machine… that would be on the top of my list… along with world peace and an end to juvenile hunger… but perfecting the row is #1.

  10. Dear Santa,

    Please send me some box-jump rebounding ability, some more flexibility, and if i’m really REALLY good, a pistol or two.

    Push press: 65 kg
    WOD: 6 + 4 Rx. A little disappointing since the last time we did this workout I had 6 + 15 (but I will admit that this time, my hand release push-ups were much more legit).

  11. PP: 65kg
    WOD: 7+9 Rx

    Heavy Ground to Overhead is my favorite movement, although overhead squats look so badass they are a close second!

  12. I think my wish is to be able to do a WOD unmodified and RX. So that involves a lot of improvement in a lot of areas…but that is ok everyone starts somewhere.

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