More Oly!

Today we cleaned and jerked, tomorrow we snatch!  As I said in yesterday’s blog post, you guys have been making some solid progress on the Olympic lifts, and you didn’t disappoint today.  We’re going to keep the good times rolling, and give you all a chance to see what you can do with the snatch.  These lifts are complicated and takes years, not days or weeks to learn.  You’re all doing great.  Keep asking questions, stay positive, and have fun.IMG_0189

You know what else is a lot of fun?  Tomorrow’s burner of a WOD.  Set your box jump height to be challenging, but repeatable, so you can rebound from one to the next, and fly through it as fast as you can.

March 24th 2010

Skill: core work

Strength: power snatch 1-1-1-1-1-1-1


Complete 6 rounds for time of:

5 pull-ups

10 box jumps

6 thoughts on “More Oly!”

  1. Awesome work today 5:30! I’m still shocked we had almost 8 people . . . I can remember the January classes when it was just Eric and I! 🙂

    6:22 24″ box (1x purple band, 5x green)

    Question (maybe not for the squeamish): I partially tore a callus during today’s pull-ups, should I cut the flap off or leave it alone and let it do it’s own thing?

    1. Shawn, Leave it exposed and let it dry today. Once it’s pretty dry, carefully cut away the dead skin, bandage it, and use some Neosporin. Ask Stacey, JT, or I to help you tape it up next time you’re in.

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