Monday Morning – Rise and Shine

It’s going to be cold. And dark. And quite possibly wet, if we’re running outside… and the finest 15 minutes of your day, regardless. Rast is out, but Eric steps up to take the reins on another Free WOD… this time at CFF! (Guess we better get the floor mats finished on Sunday.)

6:30 am, at CrossFit Fenway. It’s cold in there, with the gas line still down. That’s okay – nothing like a dozen energetic souls pounding out a WOD to heat up the place. We have our rowers in the house, so I bet we’ll be rowing. We have at least one box to jump on, too… maybe more… See you there!

1 thought on “Monday Morning – Rise and Shine”

  1. Great work this morning! Thanks to Mary, Brian, and Jon who came out and hit the rowers and a little taste of AMRAP goodness in the early morning, and to Eric for getting us rolling!

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