Mobility, Position, and Pistol Practice

You have to understand that Mobility means nothing.  Mobility is not a goal.  Mobility is not an end.  Rather, it’s position that is everything, it’s position that is the goal.  Position is the means and the end.  Mobility is just a tool.  Why do we need to be able to spend 10 minutes in the bottom of the squat?  Because it guarantees that we will have more movement possibility and built in safety when things go not according to plan.   If Mobility is the key to the door,  Position is the door to better, more efficient, and more effective movement.

-Kelly Starrett

This quote from the September 23rd post on is super cool.  It really summarizes what I think about when warming up as an athlete, and the approach I take when warming up other athletes as a coach.  Our goal as coaches is to help you achieve the best positioning possible, from which you may express and further develop your speed, strength, stamina, power, flexibility, agility, coordination, balance, accuracy, and cardiorespiratory endurance.  The safest, most efficient way for us to move, is generally the way we’ll be able to move the most weight.

Joe was also pretty fired up about the MobilityWOD post because it included the video embedded above with a pistol drill, and we’re always looking for ideas to work on the more technical movements. We practiced single legged squats some last week. It’s a movement many of you are scaling, but also one that you can improve quickly with just a little extra effort. Once you’ve developed a solid air squat, better pistols can be very helpful in improving other more complex squatting movements, such as overhead squats (like we’re doing Monday), squat cleans, and squat snatches.

October 3, 2011
Strength: Overhead Squat 3-3-3-3-3

Thrusters (50kg/35kg)
Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups

Registration is now open for the Garage Games New England Finals to be held at CrossFit Southie on November 12th and 13th.  Competitors in the RX division need to be proficient with all barbell movements at 95#/65# and able to do unassisted pull-ups.  Scaled division athletes need similar competence at 65#/45# and able to do purple-banded pull-ups.  Click here to sign up.

17 thoughts on “Mobility, Position, and Pistol Practice”

  1. still sore from trying to push 2800 lbs in the mud on Sat. night, but…

    OHS – 70kg (3rep PR)
    WOD – 6:08 (40kg, green)

    nice work this morning, 630. you too, Lil’ Saint Clair, for brightening everyone’s Monday morning.

  2. OHS: 50kg
    WOD: 6:54 (didn’t get my chest to the bar on all of the pullups, hence no RX)

    disappointing day for me, but i’ll be back at it tomorrow!

  3. OHS: 70kg x3 – 75kg x2
    WOD: 4:56 Rx – Hardly ever do C2B’s. My kip was off. Could only string 3-4 together before I started swinging out of control.

  4. OHS: 20KG
    Man, this movement needs work, I guess my left side is way weaker than my right, and the bar cants like anything.

    WOD: (30KG Thruster, jumping pull-up 2xRX) 11:?? something? I can’t remember.

    I entered this morning’s WOD in a bad mood, and I left completely refreshed, even though I felt like it was one of my worst performances to date. Thanks for putting up with me. *thumbs up*

    1. CrossFit (particularly when done at CFF) is how I find my happy place, even when things are frustrating and/or painful. Keep up the great attitude and keep doing work!

  5. OHS — 37kg, limiting factor still being the left shoulder

    WOD — 6:35, no C2B but lots of “from the floor” pullup practice (and a nearly-missed bar-catch on the last round)

    Nice little Monday.

  6. OHS: 65kg…possibly a pr
    WOD: 6:25 rx (or 6:2x can’t quite remember exactly). coming off a head cold, felt better today

  7. OHS: 25kg PR
    WOD: 5:15 with 20 kg for thrusters and 1 purple and 1 red band for pull-ups. I was pretty psyched that my thrusters and pull-ups were unbroken.

  8. OHS: 32kg I should be able to get something heavier with a little bit of work – my position needs to get locked down a little better.

    4:41 Purple+Red bands, 25kg Thrusters. New purple > old green. I was trying to scale up but it actually felt easier! Went back to old green band for my dead hang pullup practice.

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