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I’m personally excited to introduce the first of what will be a monthly series. CrossFit Fenway is a pretty awesome place, but by far the coolest part of it for me is the incredible determination I see in each of you, every day. You inspire me. This business exists because you choose to be here, to work hard, to contribute a small piece of your day to making your Self, and our World, a better place.

In that way, membership fees aren’t paying for Eric and Stacey’s time, or our light bills, as much as they are contributions to making sure that CrossFit Fenway exists. The money you pay each month is your contribution to making sure that your world has a place dedicated to the celebration and nurturing of determined, conscious, and ever-more-capable people. I think it’s a better world WITH CrossFit Fenway than without it. CFF makes my life better, even if only because it has given me the opportunity to meet you brilliant, beautiful people.

To that end, I offer you our monthly athlete profiles. The first one is our fond friend Jon “JJ” Wellemeyer. Jon joined us in our first week. He was one of the early few who showed up even before we opened our doors, running in the cold late November mornings out on Clemente Field. He has moved on to Camp Pendleton to fulfill his duty to country after graduating from Suffolk Law, but for two months he was a constant and welcome presence in CFF. I’m so glad to know him, and I’m sure everyone who got the chance feels the same way.

You may still see him from time to time here on the Comments pages, offering encouragement (or harassing Sandon). He’ll always be a part of our family at CrossFit Fenway… and for those of you who didn’t get a chance to meet him in person, I can tell you that you see him in each day, each workout, each supportive cheer and determined rep that we all do here. I’m grateful to have been a part of his story, and I’m proud to share a part of that story with all of you in these pages.

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  1. If Wellmeyer is at Camp Pendleton now and ever wants to make his way down south to San Diego proper for a CrossFit WOD tell him he’s more than welcome at our box. Friend of a friend and all that…

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