Member Profile: Nick Krohn

SCS_CFF_042110-4033I don’t have to say much about Nick, but I probably will… it’s hard for me to stop writing once I get started. Y’all know him: he’s been a member since the day we opened our doors. (In fact, he was bugging me about starting even before our doors opened.) Nick is a constant source of happiness and good energy in the facility. I love the way he smiles and greets everyone he doesn’t know yet, and he’s always in there cheering along the next lifting platform and anyone he finishes ahead of in a WOD.

Nick’s not just a pretty face: he’s also been an example of the kinds of dramatic physical transformations we see from people who get aggressive and dedicated to CrossFit. He’s a 3-times-a-week guy, and he has re-invented his body and his physical capabilities in just four short months. (I saw him land a box jump at over 4 feet tall. Not bad for a schoolteacher.)

Along with a deep squat, good nature, and serious dedication to giving every workout his maximum effort, add in his penchant for making puns in Latin (he’s got one joke that he tells in English, Latin, AND Greek), and you’ve got one exemplary individual… and a pretty good representation of the kind of amazing individual that frequents CrossFit Fenway.

Nick, you rock. Thank you for representing CrossFit Fenway – and the indisputably powerful results of your own choices – so well in the world. You’re exactly what I talk about when I say that anyone can choose this, and that the magic is in choosing it hard. I’m more than pleased that you’re our April Member Profile. Everyone, go check it out!

Member Profile: Nick Krohn

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