Member Profile: Claire Savage

crossfitOur member profile for May(ish) features Claire Savage! Always bold, determined, and a lot of fun in class, we end up yukking it up almost as much as we work out. (Almost – this is still CrossFit Fenway after all, and we’re definitely going to end up whipped at the end of each WOD.) I’m so glad to get to feature her as an example of another kind of strong person we’re glad to have here – someone who’s already “fit” who discovers the benefits and pleasure of getting CrossFit.

Claire’s been hitting it hard in the WODs and setting goals for herself – and then working hard to achieve them. This is the strength of will that makes us stronger in body. I really enjoy watching her choose each rep with determination – and then laughing about it all in the next moment.

Check out her experience of CrossFit Fenway in her own words in this month’s feature:

“Confessions of a Reformed Marathoner”

3 thoughts on “Member Profile: Claire Savage”

  1. Claire, you are inspiring! I am so grateful to have met you and I love working out with you. We do have a lot of fun, but more importantly, you have always made me push myself harder, and I thank you for that. Congratulations on all the hard work you have put into these past few months. You look amazing! We are so lucky to have you at CFF. xxx

  2. Claire, I love this! Whenever I see you in class, you’re always smiling.. even in the middle of the worst WODs.. I envy that. You’re awesome!

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