Meet Curtis P

Curtis P is another multi-part movement from SEALFit.  One rep includes a power clean, a lunge with each leg, and a push press.  Clearly the physical tools we work to develop everyday are necessary to execute this movement, but as you may recall from when we added man makers into the mix there is also a mental component, a required element of concentration.  Watch the video and listen to your coaches in class for instruction.  Be sure that even if scaling the weight, you’re executing the movement as prescribed.  While there’s nothing wrong with adding a few extra lunges here and there (uh oh, you did extra work, guess you’re just going to be that much stronger), we certainly don’t want you missing out on any part of this 4-for-1 fun during the finest fifteen minutes of your day.

March 28, 2011


Press 3-3-3-3-3

4 Rounds:
6 Curtis Ps (45kg/30kg)
12 Ring Dips

9 thoughts on “Meet Curtis P”

  1. Press: 55kg
    WOD: 11:53 35kg, purple band

    My legs were a still a little trashed from a 21 mile marathon training run on Saturday, so the lunges on the Curtis Ps were less than fun. But still, I like Curtis Ps a lot more than Man Makers. It’s good to be back. Nice job 6:30 class!

  2. Press: 55kg (PR at 3 reps)
    WOD: 9:38 (scaled for form @30kg & purple band)

    till next time, Curtis P. 630 will be ready for ya.

  3. Press 45 kg (2/3) I think this was the same as last time. Wasn’t feeling presses today

    WOD: 13:59 35kg Curtis Ps. First 8 ring dips unassisted. Red band for all the others.

    Pullups took a step in the wrong direction for volume training. Should have taken another day or two to recover

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