Measurable, Repeatable

Quantitative data is what we’re after.  How much weight?  How many reps?  How fast?  We want to go beyond feeling like we’re probably getting fitter.  We want to measure our performance and see the improvement, an indication of improved fitness.  Monday is an opportunity to collect and compare data, as we’re basically repeating an entire class from back in May.  It’s been more than 7 months since we’ve tested our 1RM press and 2k row, so I’m looking forward to a lot of PR’s.

December 12, 2011
Strength: Press 5-5-3-3-1-1-1-1


2,000m Row

Compare to 110504

CrossFit Somerville Ribbon Cutting! This Monday, December 12th, Mayor Curtatone will be on hand to introduce CrossFit Somerville to Union Square!  There will be a ribbon cutting ceremony held at CrossFit Somerville at 2:30 PM.  Bring friends, bring family, and be ready for a little demonstration.

21 thoughts on “Measurable, Repeatable”

  1. Press: 57kg (PR)
    2k row:
    05/04/2011: 7:55
    11/23/2011: 7:40
    12/12/2011: 7:38
    I should be better at this, but I like the improvement each time. I recommend this WOD with Erika yelling nonsensical things at you. Made it a little easier.

    1. To clarify, I discussed that yelling anything at anyone rowing a 2K will work as long as it is loud and in right in your ear. For example: Combos, pizza, pringles, unicorns, rainbows, horsies. I di d not yell any of those things mid 2k for shorty. Next time, I will.

  2. A fun, double PR day today. As much as I publicly hate the 2K row, I secretly like it. Don’t tell anybody.
    Press: 60 kg (PR) – could’ve gone more, it felt challenging, but doable
    2K Row:
    7:32 (PR) – today
    7:37 – 5/4/11
    8:36 – 8/5/10

  3. press: 31kg, which i feel like i could’ve done more than just 1, but i couldn’t do 32kg at all…

    2k: 8:57. I hate rowing with more than just passion. I tried the every 500 pull really really hard for 10 strokes method which i actually liked because i was looking forward to each 500 interval instead of thinking about how much i still had left to row.

    erika, i don’t think you yelling nonsensical things would’ve helped me, i definitely would’ve laughed. i would like to thank you though for getting me through my last 250m, it was definitely helpful!

    1. Interesting that you hate rowing so much when you’re so good at running. I mean, you could have run about three and a half miles in that time. On the other hand, I hate all monostructural cardio elements equally.

      1. I would never list “running” as a top 10 activity, but for me, it’s the monotony of being on the erg. There’s nothing do look at except how many meters you have left to do. It’d be like staring at the clock during an AMRAP of box jumps or something.

  4. 5/4/11 Press 30kg, failed on 31 kg
    12/12/11 Press 30kg, failed on 31kg

    5/4/11 2K Row: 8:32
    12/12/11 Row: 8:36 (lost it a bit during the second 500 m section….)
    Hmm….Consistency isn’t terrible right?
    Thanks for the yelling during the last 200m Stacey- definitely helped me hang in there!

  5. Press: 34kg (PR) – failed on 35kg, though probably not enough rest between lifts. I’ll get 35kg next time.
    2k Row: 8:03 – First time doing this. It didn’t suck. I know that I can do better if I work on my technique (and I find someone to yell at me).

  6. press – 55kg x 3 (bum shoulder, so stayed light. still, matched 3rep PR)

    2K row – 9:04 (only a 10 sec improvement from 5/4/11, but hey, still a PR)

    is that good enough, Cal?

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