March(ish) Member Profile

SaintClair_CFF_AndreaTrip-0665Check out this month’s Member Profile: Andrea Tripp. I’m jazzed to spotlight someone who isn’t the strongest or the fastest in any category, but who definitely demonstrates something all of us can benefit from: guts. Andrea struggles – like all of us do from time to time – getting that first jump up on top of that wooden box, but she never wavers in finishing out the run. One year from now we might showcase her again as a whole different level of athlete… and for now, I’m pleased to present her story, her words, and her reasons for pushing hard. She’s made great gains since joining, and I look forward to what she’ll do next!

Member Profile: Andrea Tripp
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And as for the delay… consider it Good News: you’ve only got a few weeks to wait until the April member profile! 😀

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