Making the Catch

100_0767Knees out!  Elbows up!  Heels!  These are a few of many exclamations you can expect to hear tomorrow as we work on the clean, with a little extra emphasis on the catch.  After all, the catch position for the clean is really just a front squat.  Once we get into working sets we’ll be doing 3 front squats for every clean, getting a good, low, full range of motion at the bottom and driving up out of it.  Although we definitely want you working with some weight to get a feel for the movement, technique is the priority tomorrow, not going heavy.  This is also going to give us a chance to use our newly completed lifting platforms.  Thanks Michael.


February 2nd, 2010

Skill: Handstand progressions

Skill/Strength: 1:3::Hang Clean:Front Squats x 5

WOD: 50 Burpees to a target at least 6″ above fully extended standing reach

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