Made to Move

Joe and I spent the day at the CrossFit Movement and Mobility Certification seminar with Kelly Starrett, hosted by CrossFit Milford.  I can’t say whether or not Joe is loose, limber, and able to touch his toes, but it was certainly a fun, informative, and at times torturous experience.  For a sample of what we were doing, and improved performance daily, check out Mobility WOD.  The future holds more tight bellies and butt squeezing.

October 25th, 2010

Strength: Hand Stand Push-ups

WOD: 21-18-15-12-9-6-3
Wall Ball (20#/14#)
Kettlebell Swings (32kg/24kg)


The Beast of the East throwdown at CrossFit New England is Saturday, November 6th.  Our athletes are getting ready.  Mark your calendars, and get ready to come cheer on your CrossFit Fenway teammates.

Compete in the most physically demanding obstacle course available on Saturday, November 13th in Marshfield at Ruckus Boston 2010Stephanie Schneider is helping to organize the CrossFit Fenway team.  Please contact her if you’d like to participate, as discounts are available for teams.

11 thoughts on “Made to Move”

  1. 11:44 Rx.
    I put this one in the “it’s a lot harder than it looks on paper” category. 2pd KB swings was making my lower back scream.

  2. The last time I did a handstand I was probably wearing a hypercolor t-shirt and a slap bracelet, so I feel pretty great about getting up there this morning.

    11:26 with 10# and 1 pood

  3. i’ve never done HSPU before, so this was fun for me. back in the day i used to take gymnastics classes, so i can do a handstand, but i’ve never tried the PU part. i sort of had a few with two ab mats, but now i know how to do them and i can work on getting more down!

    WOD: 13:43 with 1pood and 8# ball. first time with a pood and man my forearms are sore today. i was struggling hitting that red line target, my 5’2 stature HATES wall ball.

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