Long Weekend Recap

The CrossFit Fenway family was representing at various events over the long weekend.  We had two teams at the Hybrid Athletics Winter Partner Challenge, Haley Byrnes and Stacey Berube competing in the women’s heavyweight division, as well as Sam Horenstein and Joe McGhee competing in the men’s heavyweight division.  This event was a blend of strongman and CrossFit competitions.  Both teams did very well and made it to the finals in their respective divisions.  Sam and Joe finished tied for second in points, with only a tiebreaker officially pushing them to third.  Haley and Stacey’s performance could only be described as dominant, as they cruised through every task thrown at them to a first place finish.  Thanks to Nathan Jokel for all the reporting on this one. You can check out a video of our teams in action (featuring some CFF stereo favorites) here.

Speaking of firsts, Ron Marchessault participated in his first CrossFit competition this weekend at the CrossFit Center Mass Inhouse Winter Bash.  Ron was up against guys 20 years his junior, but he did not let that deter him.  He got through all the events, had a great time, and is excited for his next opportunity to compete.

We also had Lauren “Scrappy” O’Leary, Michael Cahill, Brian Kinard, and Edmund Montanari taking on the challenge of the Forever CrossFit Full Mission Profile.  This workout was described as follows by Jake from FCF:

“Now, I don’t want to discourage anyone from playing but realize that this isn’t your normal workout. This is a workout I would give to my Marines and it would kick their asses (mine too). In order to maintain integrity there will be no scaling or substitutions. If you are unable to do a certain movement or weight it will be up to your team to make it up. Not gonna lie, this is gonna suck.”

The CFF crew endured the physical and mental challenges of the workout, completing it in a true team effort.

In case I missed any details, I’m sure there’s more photos, videos, and information floating around on the internet.  I’m very proud of all of our athletes, the way they rise to a challenge, acquit themselves, and support one another.  This is the first of many similar weekends to come in 2011.

January 18, 2011

Strength: Snatch

WOD: 4 Rounds:
400m Row
20 Kettlebell Swings, 24kg
10 Clapping Push-ups


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For an opportunity to get some extra work in on the snatch, clean, and jerk, we’ve got Olympic Weightlifting Clinics this Saturday, January 22nd with CFHQ Trainer EC Synkowski.  We’ve only got a few spots left in each, so contact Eric for more information, and to register today.

15 thoughts on “Long Weekend Recap”

  1. Great job this weekend guys!

    WOD: 12:54 Rx

    I should have someone start timing my rests during workouts with a stopwatch and telling me how much time I’m wasting. JT caught me on two excessively long breaks this morning.

    1. Nathan, you can do this yourself by counting your breaths–but make them good, deep, full breaths, not crazy, panicky, I’m dying breaths. Control your breathing, control your workout.

  2. worked on snatch- 40 kg- felt good- need to really work my form on this in order to go up~ luckily I have a training on sat. 🙂

    WOD- 17:something- RX- Uhhmmmm hmmmm could have went faster.
    really was slow on KB swings and push-ups- tried to do them all for real for real and was a bit wimpy and broke up the swings more than necessary-
    lots of work to do!

  3. Congratulations to the CFF competitors… Maybe someday, I’ll be able to join you.

    Well today’s WOD was a hard smack in the face, as it was my first CF workout in three weeks. But it’s great to be back.
    Snatch: 40kg
    WOD: 16:34 (hands-up pushups)

  4. WOD — 22:06Rx. I continue to suck at rowing, but found a (somewhat) happy place by making myself do a set number of strokes before looking at the monitor again. The KB rang me; next time I will ring it.

    1. that’s funny. i did that same thing for the first time today. every 10 strokes. it made me not think about how i might have a heart attack on the rower! ugh.

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