Last Chance: Operation Phoenix T-Shirts

The time has come for us to send back the rest of our Operation Phoenix t-shirts and send them the money we’ve raised for Operation Phoenix. In case you forgot, OP is the CrossFit charity that buys equipment for soldiers stationed in gawdawful places overseas and makes sure they have gear they need to work out, CrossFit style. “Preparing for the unknown and the unknowable” takes on a significant urgency when you are in the midst of IED and insurgent areas, and we’re glad to at least make sure our service personnel have a barbell or two to help with that.

Stacey Kroon modeling the newest Operation Phoenix T
Stacey Kroon modeling the newest Operation Phoenix T
Every dollar spent on an Operation Phoenix t-shirt gets sent directly to the charity. And I’m sending that money sometime Thursday, so step up and buy your shirts while you can! FORGED (a company started by two Navy Seals) designed several of the shirts, and they are sexy (and tough). CrossFit Fenway is the only place other than the OP web site that you can buy these shirts… and the OP website has been down for a month or so while they moved their stock to a new shipping warehouse. So these are hard to come by…

We’ve been proud to count members of the armed forces among our first members at CFF, including our first member profile spotlight (Wellemeyer). Thank you for your service.

3 thoughts on “Last Chance: Operation Phoenix T-Shirts”

  1. “(a company started by two Navy SEALs)”

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist fixing that…

    I was tempted to respond “to impress a SEAL” on the wall, but I refrained 🙂

  2. As of November 2010, these shirts are virtually impossible to find, correct? I’m originally from the Fallbrook area and am more than happy to pick up some shirts in some support of Camp P. If anyone knows any place else to get OP shirts, I’m all ears.

    1. Sadly, this is true. I boxed our leftovers up and sent them (along with proceeds) back to the OP operation 6 months ago. At the time I was told to send them to a distributor because they would be re-introduced and sold soon. Apparently, something happened.

      Sorry, I don’t have any more recent news than that – and no line on how you can get the shirts. If you find out, feel free to post the info here!

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