Larb, Lara, and No More Dairy

There was a whole lot of comment discussion on the last blog post about dairy and cheese and how it ain’t paleo. Yeah, okay. Then I noticed it’s been a few days since I had dairy. I guess I’ll keep it up and let dairy go for good – it’s the more technically proper way to do this experiment. Sometimes I know the highest choice before it’s fully formed in my mind. In those times my mouth opens and words come out of my heart, placing names to the intentions that motivate the actions already begun by my hands.

Maybe you know what I mean, maybe that only makes sense to me.

I know there’s enough slippage in my travel meals that non-paleo input will sneak in despite my best effort; I can at least not choose to sabotage this experiment with my conscious choices. Sadly, I do miss cheese. That’s okay – I still miss cigarettes too, and you don’t see me smoking butts outside CFF. One choice at a time.


omelette: egg whites, mushroom, onion, chicken sausage. (250c/38g)
jerky (120c/20g)
beef laab (400c/58g)
larabar (200c/4g)
various Hannaford’s tastings (100c)
almonds (170c/6g)
beef tips (390c/58g)
1630 cal, 184g

“Laab”, also seen as “Larb”, is a thai dish. Traditionally with pork, many restaurants will also make it with beef or chicken. It’s basically a pile of ground up meat cooked in water and lime juice, mixed with spicy spicy chili paste, onions, shallots, and spearmint. It’s pretty awesome, and totally fine for paleo as far as I can tell. You may want some lettuce to go with it.

I also made a trip to Hannaford’s market today out in Marlboro. They’ve got a decent organic section, so I picked up a bunch of things that I later tasted. Best winners: MaraNatha brand raw almond butter and Lost Acres brand Wild Blueberry Spread.

Damn. Now I just need some kind of paleo equivalent to bread or pitas or tortillas, and I can make me a PB&J substitute. Any ideas? (Nick suggests apple slices.)

5/6/10 79.5 kg

egg white omelette, mushroom & onion & chicken sausage (250c/40g)
fruitbars (180/5)
larabar (200/4)
uFood grill: broccoli, salad, steak (465/53)
larabar (200/4)
sesame bark (320/8)
chicken and veggie simmer sauce (400/46)
paleo jerky (120c/20g)
almonds (180c/6g)
2,485 cals, 186g protein

Larabars, as usual, do nothing to dent my appetite. I think they’re simply 200cal carb delivery packs, and as such they annoy me. That said, the only non-dairy protein bars I could find all had loads of soy, so it looks like I’ll be sticking to the paleo beef jerky for most of my daytime protein snacking. And almonds for everything else.

I’m down 3.3kg in the week since I started. I’m betting the bulk of that is water. My strength is up, actually: I’m lifting faster this week. I’m still feeling out the changes in my new chemistry, and I’ll post some more thoughts on that this weekend.

9 thoughts on “Larb, Lara, and No More Dairy”

  1. JT, do you know of any decent beef jerkys that aren’t from the farm stand? I went there yesterday and they said they’re all out and the distributor is being flakey. Maybe I should go to Whole Foods for my lunch break…

    1. I hear WF and Trader Joe’s have some – maybe Stacey or Eric can jump in, because I haven’t shopped there.

      I do *really* like the Paleo Jerky I bought from here:

      It’s pricey, though: $5 for 2oz pack, which is just 120cals and 20g protein. Not much food for a whole lot of money. That said, it is soft and delicious and completely paleo.

      (I may look in to curing my own jerky in the sunshine of Chelsea Beach to save money.)

      1. the WF on cambridge st over near MGH has beef and turkey jerky that are both quite good. I go with the Teriyaki.

        1. Seeing as that I’m eating some right now at my desk at Whole Foods, I figured that I should comment.

          Whole Foods carries organic beef and organic turkey jerky. Beef is 6.49 and the turkey is 6.99 for 3 oz (33g protein).

          Also, if any of y’all want to abuse my discount and get to know a fellow CrossFitter, let me know.

          1. Abuse may occur. Question: what’s the ingredient list on that Beef and Turkey Jerky? For Paleo, it’s important…

          2. Soy sauce in everything. And here I was, thinking I was safe eating the original recipe. There are also some tuna and salmon jerkys that I’ve come across. I’ll see if I can’t find those.

  2. Nice, I work by a Trader Joe’s actually. I’ll check that out. I’ve never actually tried jerky before. I was too caught up at work to check WF, unfortunately.

    1. great recommendation, Ted! I’ll check it out and try to find a non-soy approach to the marinade… cuz I loves me some jerky.

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