Keeping It Clean

When we program cleans (or snatches) for strength, we don’t prescribe a rep scheme.  This is a complex lift, generally requiring a significant amount of practice to develop proficiency.  We want to take the opportunity to go through the movement bit by bit with little to no weight (even the best lifters in the world spend time practicing with a dowel), then work with each athlete on the parts and pieces that require the most attention.  It’s a chance to get some quality technique work in.  If you’re looking good, and feeling good, you can even use the time to see how heavy you can go.  Some of you work hang cleans, others go from the floor, a lot of you stick with power cleans, but Wednesday you may want to practice the full clean.

Jen G. getting her elbows around

We’re teaching the lift as usual, but bringing it out of the platform room, and onto the main gym floor for the metcon too.

December 1, 2010

Strength: Clean

WOD: 12 Rounds
30 seconds Squat Cleans (60kg/40kg)
30 seconds Rest

*Score is total reps completed

31 thoughts on “Keeping It Clean”

    1. I love that you took the time to check this.

      I also think we live in the future, since the route our friends measured by pacing it out was just questioned by a web app leveraging SATELLITE IMAGERY. You know, FROM SPACE.

      The SaintClairs (our intrepid photographers) measured out our 200, 400, and 550 courses. Perhaps it’s time for a recheck?

      I’ll put it on Eric’s “to do” list. 😀

      1. 6:19 is AWESOME and you’ll go much faster on a track! The turn back onto Boylston is tight and you lose lots of time there.

        I’ll also bring my bike which has a very true odometer and we can get a good reading!

    2. Using the USATF and Map My Run on the more accurate satellite modes, not street mode, our 100m, 200m, 400m, and 800m courses all appear accurate. A lap around the block looks like about 1/3 of a mile or between .52km and .53km. If we’re short of a mile it’s by a hair. Factoring in the sharp turns, uneven surfaces, dodging pedestrian, and automotive traffic, I think it’s safe to maintain our mile course as is.

      1. We should do an invasion at the Fenway Track. Accurate distances, springy ground, lots of zombie runners to scare, or be scared by.

      2. Oops. Monday’s discussion stated the CFF-mile to be too long, I just wanted to share the discovery of that not being completely true.

        I agree with Claire and Eric, you will most likely go faster on the track.

  1. today, not my day. everything felt super heavy this morning. I totally lost my positive mental push. i saw 12 rounds and felt defeated before i even started.How lame…. 48 reps @ 20kgs. had a few rounds with a couple of 5 seconds left and i didnt push to get that last rep. had to strip the bar too. ended with doing 20 kgs. I am so glad i can go back tomorrow and get my head back in the game:) week six day 2 is done!

  2. clean: 110kg
    wod: 72rx

    gotta give a shout-out to my boy Justin on this one. If he didn’t push it this morning, I wouldn’t have pushed half as hard as i did. it’s amazing the pace he sets early in the morning, without gaming it and without prior benchmarks – great job man, next shot of Patron is on me!

  3. For strength bias today I did:

    FS 5×3: 95kg
    HBBS 1×20: 90kg
    WOD: 55 squat cleans as Rx

    In summary: SQUAT MORE!

    Great work 6 pm class, way to push it. Eric P you are unstoppable.

  4. really needed CFF tonight…. – been wild work week w a few crazy unlucky things (another rear ending episode- a woman biking full speed flipping over her handle bars this am… just for an idea!)

    Clean- worked up to 55 kg- felt more solid with form – thanks coaches

    WOD- 60 reps RX at 40 kg – was a tough one!~

  5. Anyone else have a huge bruise right smack in the middle of their sternum? with matching smaller bruises on their shoulders?

    ummm…maybe I need to work on form.
    49 reps at 25kg

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