Before we send you off to enjoy all the thanksgiving goodies coming your way, why not challenge you to squat 150 times? The girl workout Karen really covers it all with just one movement. You have 150 reps of wall-balls to complete and it won’t be long before your legs, shoulders, lungs, and mental state will all be feeling it. This is where you have to buckle down and get the work done. Pick a number in your head to and try to stick to it to get it done as efficiently as possible. If that has to be adjusted, adjust it. The sooner you accept in your head how many times this medicine ball has to be thrown up to the target, the sooner it will get done.

Adie crushing wall-balls at The Garage Games in Southie!

To add on to Eric’s Thanksgiving blog, I fully agree with him when he said you guys should really stop and enjoy the time you have during Thanksgiving and the holiday season. In being such a huge fan of reflection, I know I’m thankful to be in the position I’m in really truly loving what I’m doing with awesome people. Life gets so crazy and it’s really good to stop and recognize things like that. When is a better time to do that than in front of a lot of stuffing?

So for this day/week or however long you like to spend Thanksgiving (I enjoy it for about 3 days), take the time to be thankful for your health, family, friends and maybe even the pretty cool gym that asks you to lift things over your head on almost a daily basis. Happy Thanksgiving!



For Time:

150 Wall-Balls (20#/14#)



NOTE: Your FIGHT GONE BAD 6 T-shirts are in! If you participated in FGB and raised over $150, come see Joe or Erika to grab yours! They are wicked cool.

23 thoughts on “Karen”

    1. Survived! 13:26 with 10# – first time through Karen.

      Serious mental gaming with this one, but it wasn’t as bad as I was anticipating :-/

      I EARNED my pie this Thanksgiving!

      Have a happy time this Thanksgiving to everyone! I’m thankful for, among other things, CFF for making this year memorable and for me being the fittest I’ve ever been (yeah, even more fit than basic training for the Army ^_^). You guys are all inspiring!

  1. KAREN, I don’t think I’ll be asking you out again for awhile. Our time together was tough, but I suffered through the date that lasted for 15:56 Rx’ed.

  2. Not the worst date I’ve ever been on, which would be Karen’s older sister, Kelly.
    Great to see the morning crew getting after it. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    1. Karen 9/10/10 — 15:02 @ 10#, to the blue tape outside (9′?)
      Karen 2/?/11 — 16:36 @ 10# (red line)
      Karen 11/23/11 — 12:37 @ 10# (red line)

      New goal — Karen Rx on my 28th b’day (which is still 5 months out, phew). 30 minute cap?

      Happy Thanksgiving, CFF family!

  3. I did it over at CFSV this morning, with Yosh and Haley just ignoring me the whole time. It felt appropriate.

    10:15 RX. That’s a huge PR for me. Happy Thanksgiving!

    If you just can’t relax on Friday, come on out to CFSV to play!

  4. 9:56 Rx – PR by 3:35
    Gonna have some sore legs this weekend.
    Great job 12:30 class. It was cold out there.
    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  5. Feb 2011 – 15:11 at 10#
    Yesterday – 14:32 at 10#
    Thanks to Erika, Sam, & Pope for cheering on the only member of the 7:30 class last night (me).

    I am thankful for progress! Happy Thanksgiving!

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