This Friday we’ve got Karen again (last programmed on September 10, 2011).  Karen is one of the benchmarks that you may want to consider scaling up if you’ve tried it a handful of times, and consistently hit a good score (around 6 minutes).  If you’re a wall ball wizard like Stacey, Joe, or Aaron you can add a weight vest, or a heavier med ball.  However you decide to scale it, the best thing you can do for your Karen score is hold onto the ball.

February 4, 2011

WOD: Karen
150 Wall Ball Shots (20#/14#)

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12 thoughts on “Karen”

  1. The positivity manifesto on the board has inspired me to offer up my copy of Barbara Ehrnenreich’s (Nickel & Dimed)newest book: Bright-Sided: How Positive Thinking is Undermining America. It a thought provoking, well researched contrarian call for authenticity, not positivity. Have book. Will lend.

  2. 9/10/10 — 15:02 @ 10# and probably sub-8′ target (blue tape outside)
    2/4/11 — 16:34 @ 10# and 10′ target

    On the positivity thread, I definitely should have taken a couple of 10-burpee penalties. Today was slightly reminiscent of my h.s. tennis days (I was a little MacEnroe)…thanks Stace and the other 5:30er’s for pushing me through the last 40.

  3. 6 rounds:
    20 weighted sit-ups (30#)
    20 driving wheels – 2 rounds with 10kg plate, 4 rounds with 5 kg plate.

    Well team, 14 days later, the stitches are coming out this afternoon! A pair of shin guards have been purchased… perhaps others in the Box Bite Club also would like to dress up like a soccer player from now on with me?

    1. jules, i think i’m going to buy you a mouthguard, just to complete the ensemble. 🙂

      injury wod:
      10 rounds
      10 box jumps (24″)
      10 right arm DB thrusters (35#)

      awesome work by everyone this morning! so many big improvements since september. i’m pretty sure sam cut his time in half.. congrats!

      1. A mouthguard isn’t a bad idea! I was originally thinking that I would have to dress up like an ice hockey goalie or the main character from The Hurt Locker, so a soccer player with a mouthguard isn’t too bad 🙂

        And I would like to second the congrats to everyone today — some amazing times/efforts from the morning crew!

  4. 19:42 RX. First time attempting wall balls with a 20# ball since starting crossfit. had been using a 14# until today.

    In another big win, I was able to string together some unbanded kipping pullups this morning during the warm-up. Six months since starting crossfit FTW!!!

    1. Neil – your effort was amazing. Nice work getting to the Rx weight. And I hope to be inspired by you in order to string some kips together.

  5. WOD: 18:52 Rx
    Woo-hoo! A rare Rx for me. Last time we did this, my shoulder was hurt, so I substituted in 150 front squats at 40 kg. I think i like the wall balls better.

    Nice work 7:30 class!

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