“Hello, my name is Justin Shaughnessy, and I’m addicted to CrossFit.”

If there were ever such a thing as CrossFitters Anonymous, I fear I might be forced to attend a few meetings. Imagine a bunch of scantily clad maniacs huddled together confessing their undying love for performance based fitness, and maybe snacking on some grass fed jerky. This might be preceded by an intervention of sorts, with family and friends gathering to vehemently tell me how much I’ve ignored them to spend time at the gym and watch CrossFit videos on my iPad. Would they get through to me? Would their unity in the cause make me realize something I had been missing? Nope… I heart me some CrossFit folks…I heart me some CrossFit like Jessica Simpson hearts glazed doughnuts.

Like many of us, for most of my adult life I have slaved at a globo-gym to acquire what is the common perception of fitness. I ran on a treadmill, I lifted weights, I never stretched, I had no guidance, and there was certainly no competitive environment (unless you include flexing in the mirror). Over the last few years it became more and more difficult to motivate myself to execute the same routine, and often it was easiest to ignore it all together.

In January of 2010, a friend and I were discussing this very challenge and he mentioned a program he and some of his Marine buddies were doing called CrossFit. It was free he said, and they posted a new and different workout daily on their website. That night I curiously perused CrossFit.com, reading articles and watching demos, and smugly thought to myself I would give it a shot. I certainly wasn’t sold on the idea, after all, how hard could a workout be if it only took a few minutes?

The next few days I scared the ever living shit out of the people at my globo-gym. I ran from the treadmill to the rower to the weird padded pull-up bar to the kettlebell racks and back again. I made a lot of noise, and generally pissed people off. I also absolutely destroyed myself. Any doubts I harbored about the validity of the workouts were quickly dispelled, and I was hungry for crossfit knowledge. I read all I could and I continued to try as many workouts as I could handle. I quickly realized I lacked the equipment and expertise to complete a lot of the workouts, and my search for a box commenced.

I found CrossFit Fenway after about a month of experimenting with CrossFit, and since then my life has only changed for the better.

I have been at it now for about seven months, and I can’t get enough. I am stronger, faster, lighter, and have more stamina than I ever have before. CFF annihilates me on a daily basis, and the strange thing is, it only makes me come running back calling for more. To this I credit the amazing staff at CFF of Eric, Stacey, Joe, Aaron and the proud papa JT. All of you have created an environment that is open, challenging, and supportive, and fosters remarkable personal growth.

The second ingredient integral to our delicious CFF pie is the remarkable membership. I am in awe on a daily basis of the people I get to train with, every single one of you is an inspiration. As members, consider all the gyms we collectively have been a part of, and realize how lucky we are to be part of the family that is CrossFit Fenway. I will be doing my first CrossFit competition in November, and even though I know I have a long way to go, I’m excited to be going there with all of you.

Now if only CrossFit could give me hair like Eric Papachristos…