Joining CrossFit Fenway was one of the best decisions I ever made regarding my overall health and fitness. The 2 months I spent training at CFF were some of the most educational and fun I’ve ever had working out.

jjw_windowsMy Story

jjw_agilityI started at CFF with the goal of becoming more physically fit in preparation for the start of my US Army career. Law school had taken a toll on my body from long hours of reading case law, eating bad food, and not working out. I realized that I needed to get back in shape as quickly as possible.

Typically soldiers in the Army are tested on the maximum number of pushups and situps they can complete in 2 minutes followed by their time in a 2 mile run. I wanted to make sure that I performed to the best of my abilities on this test so I joined CFF and bought into Stacey and Eric’s programming, knowing full well they would help me reach my goals.


I joined Crossfit Fenway at the beginning of December 2009 and consistently worked out 4-5 times/week until the beginning of February 2010. I also applied the Paleo Diet to my eating as best I could. The results I saw during those two months were unparalleled by any training regimen I had previously undertaken.


Domain Before After 2 Months Comment
Weight 185 lbs 173 lbs Lost 12 lbs!
Waist 36 in 33 in Lost 3 inches!
2 mile run 14:15 13:13 Cut 31s per mile!
2k Row 7:39 7:26 Cut 3% time
Agility Drill 1:41 0:55 Cut 50% time!
Deadlift 120kg 140kg Up 44 pounds, 17%!
Press 37kg 50kg Up 28 pounds, 35%!
Front Squat (3RM) 50kg 65kg Up 33 pounds, 30%!
FRAN 13+ mins, scaled down 8:55, as RX Damn, son.

jjw_breakThe People

In the end, the best part about CFF was the people I met.

  • Eric and Stacey are both outstanding trainers. They are technically proficient individuals with a knack for effectively conveying concepts and skills to their students. Both of them made sure that I pushed myself to my limit each and every workout.
  • Steve Rast is the person who introduced me to CrossFit on cold December mornings at Clemente field. Had I not contacted Steve via email, I never would have learned what CrossFit is all about.
  • JT is an enthusiastic individual with a passion for fitness and firebreathing. JT was never afraid to call me out when he thought I was dogging it, and I’m that much better for it.

Moreover, each of these individuals set the tone for the types of people that workout at CFF on a daily basis. Their motivation and enthusiasm fosters a positive, judgment-free environment where people of all ages and abilities can become physically fit.