Jackie’s another one of those awesome, sub 10 minute benchmarks.  It’s just 3 movements, not a huge volume of reps, one time through.  We last did this one on January 8th, 2010.  Check your journals, and prepare for glory.  Here’s a video of some CrossFit celebs crushing it (WMV/MOV).

SCS_CFF_051010-5302June 11th, 2010

Skill: Skin the Cat

WOD: Jackie
1000m Row
50 Thrusters, 20kg
30 Pull-ups

Friday is day 15 of the 100 Burpee Challenge.  The buy-in is now 120 burpees.

The Saint Clair’s are hosting a breakfast this Saturday, June 12th.  It’s sure to be a good time, hanging out with friends from CrossFit Boston, and chowing down.  Click here for more information, and to RSVP.

The Sox are back in town, and hosting the Phillies on Friday.  As a result, no parking during the evening classes.

11 thoughts on “Jackie”

  1. 11:40 (KB squat jumps; ring rows)

    Wow, Jackie is crazy tough! As irony would have it, I just started a CF Endurance rowing program this week (we have a new C2 rower at my work gym) and I’ve been doing 500m intervals this week . . . the difference between 500m and 1k is NO JOKE! Legs are so smoked like bacon (mmmmmm yummy bacon) at the end, can’t wait to try this again.

    Thanks for all the encouragement 7:30 . . . all 13 of you!!! O_o (lol)

  2. Oh Jackie…how I’ve longed to see you again…
    Free trial wkout in January saw me finish at 16:47, using purple and green bands and 8lb dumbells (too funny).

    Today I finished at 13:14 (damn those last 4 PUs!), 1 purple/1red, and 17kgs.

    Next time we meet, Jackie dear, it will be in a RX kinda way…

    1. That’s an awesome improvement! I love those free trial WODs. Mine was Fran, so I’m always excited when she comes up.

  3. 11:20, assisted pull ups.

    i HATE rowing, so to say that rowing was the best part of this wod says a lot about how i feel about jackie.

    i loved watching kristin crush it though… lola would be proud!

  4. WOD: 10:31

    Bummed I didn’t break 10 minutes, but all that means is that I have a new goal. I was caught off-guard by how smoked my arms were after the row. My hope was that I would get the pullups done in in 3 sets up ten, but that wasn’t happening. 6 sets of 5 was all I could muster.

    Good job for everyone at the noon class. Lots of “Rx” on that board…

  5. wod – 7:40rx

    i have to say, the better the competition, the better the times – that’s why i truly enjoy CFF – truly pushing myself harder than I ever could on my own. Great Job to the 5pm class!

  6. WOD- 8:37 rx. Was great to push myself against Eric again. I stuck with him through the row and thrusters but I couldn’t hold on through the pullups. Another great Friday, thanks to Dennis for setting the early benchmark, awesome time.

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