It Never Gets Easier, You Get Better

Thursday we’re taking another crack at the floater WOD.  This was programmed on September 8th, 2010, but with lower prescribed weights.  As all of you continue to improve, we want to continue to challenge you, so tomorrow we’re prescribing the full weight used in the 2010 Southwest Regional.  We’re also instituting a cap this time around, albeit 3 minutes more than the regional competitors were given.  This is a very quick workout.  Maybe you don’t go all the way to RX, but see if you can increase your weight from last time and go faster.

January 27, 2011

Front Squat 5-5-5-5-5

20 Shoulder to Overhead (185#/115#)
40 Lateral Burpees

*Partition reps as needed
*10 minute time cap


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11 thoughts on “It Never Gets Easier, You Get Better”

  1. I actually did this one yesterday because I love it and didn’t want to miss it… 3:19 Rx. Back in September, I did this one with the lower Rx weight and finished in 3:16. Pretty happy that a 25# increase only led to 3 more seconds. Can’t wait to see how much everyone improves!

    Sidenote: I don’t think anyone rocks those pink Inov-8s quite like Justin (sorry, Yosh) … Hope you’re having fun in Miami while we’re all snowed in, jerk.

  2. I honestly didn’t think that I did this one in September, but the almighty blog says I did. I had pretty strong post-WOD convictions about doing the full shoulder-to-overhead element first…not sure if I’ll follow my own advice tonight or not 🙂

    1. FS — Failed on the 5th rep @ 45kg; my wrists/elbows are still the issue.

      WOD — 5:55 @ 37kg (vs. 6:18 @ 30kg in Sept).

  3. FS: 5x60kg, which was my old 1RM. So I also went for a new 1RM at 65.

    WOD: I loved this WOD until I forgot how to clean after 17 reps at 45kg, then it quickly deteriorated into previously unseen levels of frustration. After six failed clean attempts (I apparently retained nothing from last Saturday) I went down to 35kg for the last three.

    But on the bright side, this was a bonus day at CFF for me because I returned early from NYC. It was also great to see lots of new faces (and Coby)!

    1. I think having Coby there makes me work out faster, because I know the quicker I can get through my WOD the sooner I can go over and play with him. He’s SO adorable.

  4. I had my head somewhere else today during instructions and putting weight on my little bar!:) I thought I had 50kg- but only had 45kg – and then thought we had to do ground to overhead… so silly!~ guess I was thinking about how to get this weight up that I was not paying attention. Regardless- it felt light at 45kg so that is the good news- Burpees felt solid, did in sets of 10 with a few secs rest between. (probably should not have rested) ended up at 6:51 time.

    I tweaked my back monday so staying at this weight was probably a good idea, and my clean form needs work so since I missed yesterday I was glad to get it in!~ Great job 12:30 class.

  5. Thanks Haley, I agree, I do absolutely crush the pink inov8s. I’m currently sitting by the pool thinking about how much I want to do this WOD, but also how much I love the beach and am glad I’m not stuck I’m the snow (sorry). I’ve missed you guys all week, it’s tough working out in a hotel gym with everyone looking at you like you’re a raving mad lunatic. Can’t wait to get back.

    1. 1. You’re both wrong; you might be prettier, Justin, but the pink shoes look better on me.

      2. Will look forward to seeing the video of you doing weight vest muscle ups on the rings you brought to the Ritz gym.

  6. FS: 5×70 and 3×75
    WOD: I have no idea how many jerks I did, but I probably failed at least as many…
    Thanks for all the cheering!

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