Invasion Saturday – JT’s Back

JT’s actually in Boston on a weekend… amazing! He’s running the show for tomorrow’s Invasion, so that usually means something either completely silly or completely nasty. Sometimes both.

Show up at CrossFit Fenway at 10am, and we’ll get the gear together. (And by gear, I may mean flash cards. You remember those from grade school, right?)

3 thoughts on “Invasion Saturday – JT’s Back”

  1. Fun invasion today. Not sure my form was up to par on the dumbbell overhead lifts. Have to work on that second squat. But at least my math is up to par.

    Nice job everyone (especially my team: Scrappy, Francesca, and Coleen).

  2. Y’all thought I was kidding about the Flash Cards. INVASION was a team double WOD at the track. Teams of 4.

    WOD 1: Training Camp
    As a team, all 4 members complete 15 Burpees each. Then one member executes a 40 yard suicide sprint. 4 rounds total, for time.

    WOD 2: Mathletes
    As a team, all members complete the following each round:
    5 Single-Arm DB Squat Snatch, right arm (20% Body Weight is RXd)
    5 Single-Arm DB Squat Snatch, left arm (20% Body Weight is RXd)
    10 Lemon-Squeezers
    Then one member sprints 20 yards and has two flash card math problems to solve.
    4 Rounds total, for time. (Each member solves two flash card problems.)

    Each incorrect answer is a 30 second penalty assessed to the team’s final time.

    (Next time, I think incorrect answers may result in Bonus Burpees.)

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