Invasion Report

The blizzard hasn’t arrived yet… that just means we’re running outside in the cold. Every New Englander knows its warmer in the snow than in the brutal cold clear. Today, it’s 15 degrees outside. Inside’s not much better.

Time to get heated up. Eric throws down a quick warmup, and the inaugural Invasion is ready to begin. Open up the doors, and get running!

550m Run
30 Ball Slams @ 20 lbs
30 Walking Lunges, 20 lb Medball held overhead
550m Run
30 KB press (OH any way, 15 each arm), 1 pood
30 KB swings, 1 pood
550m Run
30 Burpees
30 Box Jump, 24″

My time: 20:49.

The cold air tears at our lungs. The kettlebell slips, and we tear off gloves to get a better grip at the cost of our fingers getting colder. The wool sweater goes from a necessity to a burden by the time burpees come around. And in the end, I’m laying flat on my back in a t-shirt, steaming like a linebacker in an NFL Films special.

I love this stuff. Thanks to Eric for putting together a great WOD, and to Keith from CF Nantucket for coming out and putting in a gutsy performance as our top finisher today!

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