Invasion, Brunch, Parade, and Bar-B-Q


Lots of events going on Saturday.  It begins at 10 AM at CrossFit Fenway with an Invasion workout.  The Sox game isn’t until later in the afternoon tomorrow, so there’ll be plenty of parking available in the lot.

From there, at 11 AM, the brunch you’ve heard about all week is happening at the Saint Claire’s.

It’s also Pride Weekend in Boston, and there will be a CrossFit Fenway contingent marching with TraniWreck. JT will be leading any who wish to join in a display of fabulousness and support for CrossFit Fenway member (and TraniWreck promoter) AJ Shapiro right after Invasion. If you want to be a part of the awesome, we’re asking folks to dress in all of your gender-bending-over-the-top-boundary-busting glory in these colors: white, black, turqoise. Join up and carry a sign that says something smart and sexy about gender! (They’ll have them made in advance.) Gold lamé capes provided at the parade route. We’ll need to hustle to get there in time, so bring your black/white (and maybe turquoise) with you to Invasion!

Finally, you can bring this fun filled Saturday to a close with a celebration for Erica’s birthday.  It’s a cookout at Stacey’s place (43 Gardena St. in Brighton) at 5 PM.  It’s not near a T stop, but there’s plenty of street parking.

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