Invasion 4/17

Meet Saturday at 10 AM at CrossFit Fenway for an Invasion workout.  Rain or shine, hot or cold, or any other meteorological event that’s thrown our way tomorrow, we’re going outside.

Depending on whether or not Friday night’s Red Sox game gets rained out, there is the possibility that the Sox and Rays play a double-header Saturday, which would probably mean no parking at CrossFit Fenway.  Keep an eye on the Sox schedule, and get in contact with me if you have any questions or concerns about parking.


4 thoughts on “Invasion 4/17”

  1. In hindsight, the picture of people running should have been a dead giveaway. LOL

    Today’s 5.4k was such an amazing testement to how CrossFit helps you build a great foundation for almost any physical activity. Proof?

    I have not run a 5k since early 2008 and I’ve probably run 6-7 times (max 1 mile, pretty much all with CFF) in the last 18 months. Yet I ran a reasonable 9:27 pace (nice calculator here: and was never out of breath.

    Yep, it was the slowest pace of the day but I’m totally fine with that . . . the speed and endurance will come. For now, I’m thrilled I could actually do it after just 3 months of CF training. 🙂

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