Invasion 4/15

Meet at CrossFit Fenway, Saturday at 9 AM for this week’s invasion.

And then… head over to CrossFit Southie at 12 PM to root on the competitors taking on Open Workout 11.4

No classes Monday, April 18th. Enjoy the race!

2 thoughts on “Invasion 4/15”

  1. Michael Cahill

    Participated in 11.4 today at Crossfit Southie. Hit a score of 84 – (was shooting for 90) but was very happy with my results. Why?? – because I was confident in the depth of my squats and the form on my burpees. Why?? – because of the CFF coaches! Thank you Eric, Joe, Stacey, and Aaron for keeping me true to the principals of Crossfit and calling me out when I am not at my best. Albeit, I am not in the running for regionals this year, I am learning more about myself and my abilities than I ever imagined. When I approached the bar today, I was surrounded by my coaches and fellow athletes, and that felt better to me than being ranked #1 in the world. Thank you again to all of my CFF coaches and family. Bring on 11.5 / 11.6!

    – Michael

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