Invasion 11/5

Dejected. Despondent. Down. Cast aside as if our time together meant nothing to you. Mere moments ago I was your sole focus. Myopia centered your mind on me and it was heavenly. Your palms warmed my knurling. Your exploding hips made me feel weightless. And now? Now you cast me aside and without any break, no recovery period, you rebound onto some new box. -A. Rafael

Meet at CrossFit Fenway, Saturday promptly at 9 AM for this week’s invasion.

We’ll be getting started pretty quick, so anyone that’s interested can check out the CrossFit x Reebok x City Sports event on Boston Common at 10 AM.

And now, deep thoughts, by Zander Rafael.

2 thoughts on “Invasion 11/5”

  1. The title of that one is: The Broken Set, or, The Break Up.

    I was trying to get back to the original theme of the lonely equipment. Sam, you broke that barbell’s heart.

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