Invasion 11/12

Have fun Zander!

Meet at CrossFit Fenway, Saturday at 9 AM for this week’s invasion.

From there, head over to CrossFit Southie to support our Garage Games athletes (don’t forget your CFF t-shirt!).  I’ll be over there early to assist our competitors with any last minute items.

There have been requests for a complete list of members of the CrossFit Fenway family competing this weekend.  Here it is:

Shane Baron
Mandy Brown
Michael Cahill
Shayna Darnell
Jen Greenwich
James Higgins
Steve Katz
Joe “Handstands” McGee
Christina Nikitopoulos
Lauren “Scrappy” O’Leary
Josh Plosker
Scott Rumrill
Ben Sacchetti
Lauren Scheinfeldt
James “Shorty” Schortemeyer
Erika Snyder
Adrienne “80” Sprague
Yosh “Yosh” Stoklosa

2 thoughts on “Invasion 11/12”

  1. That means I’ll be running Invasion, which means we’ll be going outside AT LEAST a little bit. On the upside, I promise that there will be no Math this time.

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